Photo by : Javier Quinones

Some photos I've taken over the years... I've taken thousands.

My life has had many ups and many downs.  Along my life path I may have helped some people, and I may have hurt some people.  For those people I may have hurt in any way, I ask for your forgiveness. For those people I have helped in any way, I am glad I was able to do this.
Now, at this final season of my life I have made a huge change. This is something I've not done before, and it's about time that I did.  Some will wonder how and why I became Born Again. Ask me sometime...
I still enjoy freestyle djembe, and I hope to share a rhythm jam or two with you sometime, at a drum circle or other event. Until then, thank you for your kindness, and time spent in friendship and fellowship.

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I no longer do anything paranormal. Now I follow a supernatural path. Once a lost sinner, now Born Again. Husband, Veteran, Radio enthusiast, Space enthusiast. And I like to freestyle on the djembe.  (More below...)

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