Former : Dept. of Defense : 36 year career with the United States Government; a 4 year tour in the Air Force and 32 years as an Army (GS) and Air Force (GS) Civilian. During this time I supported the following areas of government service:

- AF Security Police (Mid 1970's)
- DOD Police Officer (Mid 1980's)
- Army Electronic Technician for: (Mid 1980's to early 1990's)
   - Test Program Set (TPS) Development (Automated Test Division)

    - Air Force Logistical support for: (Early 1990's to 2012)
- Missile Warning & Space Surveillance (MWSS)
- Cheyenne Mountain Air Station (SCIS, SSCN)
- Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS)
- Eglin Radar Transmitter/Receiver
- Global Positioning System (GPS)
- Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN)
- DMSP / Space Environmental Support System (SESS)
- Launch and Test Range Systems (LTRS) (Supporting the US Space & Launch Program)

Additional Resume Information

For much of my DoD career, I was the authority/head of Air Force Technical Order Management Agency (TOMA) for GPS, AFSCN, and LTRS. This involved the development and maintenance of tens of thousands of O&M manuals for these programs.

In 1996, I spearheaded one of the first efforts in the Air Force to establish a TOMA shop outside the standard Depot TO management business practice. Following the 1995 TOCONOPS, I established a Single Manager business practice to assume complete TO responsibility for GPS.

I was also the first TOMA in the Air Force to implement S1000D standards for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) requirements. The IETM development, conversion, and sustainment supported the Launch Test Range Systems (LTRS) for all space launches on ER (FL) and WR (CA)

2001 - 2012 (Peterson AFB, CO)  Technical Order Manager (TOMA) Launch and Test Range Systems (LTRS) 
Equipment Specialist and Logistics Management Specialist 
TOMA for the Launch and Test Range Systems (LTRS). All aspects of Technical Order (TO) management covered. 
System modification and Logistics support provided to the Launch and Test Range Systems (LTRS). 
Support provided to 30th and 45th Space Wings at Vandenberg AFB, CA, Cape Canaveral, FL, and Patrick AFB, FL, with numerous temporary duty assignments (TDY) at each location. 

1999-2000 (Peterson AFB, CO) I was a Logistics Management Specialist responsible for.. System modification and logistics support provided to the Defense Meteorological Satellites Program (DMSP). Also, the SESS IPT Lead within the program.

1996 - 1998 (Peterson AFB, CO)  GPS
Technical Order Manager, Equipment Specialist, Logistics Management Specialist 
System modification and Logistics support provided to Global Positioning System (GPS). 

1993-1996 (Peterson AFB, CO) I was an Equipment Specialist and Logistics Management Specialist in MWSS with responsibilities for logistics support for systems that gathered and sent data to Cheyenne Mountain AFS and other Command structure locations.  Ground sensors and detection systems.

1982-1993 (Sacramento Army Depot, CA)  Automated Test Division  ATD Electronic Technician/Test Program Set (TPS) Developer 
Automated Test Equipment software development, hardware fabrication,  troubleshooting, training LASAR/Programming techniques. GenRad 2225 and 2235 Test Set hardware fault detection down to component level of circuit cards.

1979 - 1981 (McClellan AFB, CA)   Dept of Defense Police Officer 

1974 - 1977   Active Duty, U.S. Air Force, Security Police, Law Enforcement 
Rhein Main AB, W. Germany 
Camp Bullis TX
Hill AFB, Utah 
Lackland AFB, TX


Additional info concerning hobbies and other activities:

- Freestyle Hand Drummer since 2008 (MORE)

- Creator of Space Gab Podcast (Featured in opening scene of 2019 SciFi movie, COSMOS)

- Discovery Channel (America's Most Secret Structures, 2012, 2013)
- Military Channel (America's Most Secret Structures, 2013, 2014)
- A&E (Dog The Bounty Hunter, Colorado Springs episode, 2010)
- A&E, BIO, Lifetime (My Ghost Story, (Tale of a Crypt, season 2, Linda's Lights, season 3)
- Front cover of the Feb 2013 Popular Communications Magazine with a three page article about my science/space based work.
- Pueblo Chieftain, story about Mike's satellite & meteor tracking.
- Colorado Springs Gazette and Denver Post articles about Mike's paranormal adventures.
- Featured in web articles including,,,,,,, and others. (MORE)  (MORE)
- Mentions in these books written about UFO and the Paranormal : Ghosts of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak, By Stephanie Waters; Colorado Legends & Lore, By Stephanie Waters; Forgotten Tales of Colorado, By Stephanie Waters; Speaking to the Dead with Radios, By Michael Hobert Edwards; Supernatural Media's Guide To Ghost Box Hacks By Shawn Taylor, Daniel Morgan; The Double-Blind Ghost Box By Shawn Taylor, Daniel Morgan; Orbs and Light Beings, Living Light Illuminated By Elizabeth Eagle and Grace Butler, Popular Communications Mag 2000-2006 monthly comic, Popular Communication Mag February 2013 featured on cover with article.
- A monthly comic strip published in Popular Communications Magazine, from 2000 to 2006. (MORE)
- Guest on radio shows and podcasts concerning UFO and Paranormal investigations including the Armstrong and Getty Show, KRDO News Radio, KKFM Morning DJ Show, Jerry Pippin Radio Show, TAPS Family Radio, Darkness Radio, Nightwatch Show, PRRS Ghost Box podcast, Fearless Ghost Hunter podcast, Gabriels Eastern Paranormal podcast & more.
- For 8 years ran a popular news website ( that received a 'BEST OF AWARD'. Some of Mike's stories were also reported on local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN; as well as on other news websites and in print publications.
- As a paranormal investigator Mike was the originator of numerous prototype paranormal devices, including the ever popular 12-470 Shack Hack Ghost Box. Ghost Hunters International requested use of some of Mike's devices during their very early season episodes.
- Performed paranormal training classes and conference talks around Colorado. (MORE)