Mike Coletta - Djembe Mike - Freestyle Hand Drumming

Mike Coletta

( Djembe Mike )


Freestyle Hand Drumming




When your drumming abilities are able to bring an audience or drum circle to a

rhythmic vibration that causes untamed energy, uncontrollable dancing, large smiles,

and extreme movement of body parts you didn't even know you could move;

That's A Very Good Thing!




My passion is Freestyle Djembe, but I also enjoy playing the Cajon (Box Drum). I play a REMO Mondo Style Djembe.

I have two. One is a Leon Mobley Signature model and the other is a Paulo Mattioli Signature model.


- Some Of My Past Drumming Activities -


Garden of the Gods Full Moon Drum Circle, Colorado Springs -  The Center For Powerful Living, Colorado Springs

Manitou Springs Drum Circle - Pueblo Riverwalk Drum Circle - Sacred Hoop Ministry Drum Circle, Woodland Park - J4CL Drum Circle, Arvada

2009 UFO Festival, Roswell NM  - Martin Luther King Day Drum Circle, Denver - First Friday, Sacramento CA - Book Signing Festival, Cripple Creek, CO

St Patrick's Day Parade, Colorado Springs - Pridefest Parade, Colorado Springs, Carnivale Parade, Manitou Springs - Mountain Park Environmental Center, Beulah, CO

Paranormal Percussion Band  - UFO Geek The Band  - Various Celebrations, America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs



Contact: djembemike@yahoo.com                    http://www.facebook.com/djembemike