Mike Coletta - Djembe Mike - Freestyle Hand Drumming

Mike Coletta

( Djembe Mike )


Freestyle Hand Drumming




- List of 2015 Upcoming Drum Circles in So. Colorado -

22 July, Wednesday 6PM - Pueblo Riverwalk Circle under Main St bridge (Pueblo, CO Riverwalk)

25 July, Saturday 7PM - Sacred Hoop Ministries Circle (Yurt at Scared Hoop Ministries in Woodland Park, CO)

31 July, Friday 7:30PM - Full Moon Circle in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO (Under Kissing Camels formation)


** I have been informed that the Manitou Springs Drum Circle

still goes on each Thursday during the Summer starting at 7pm in Memorial Park.



I've been compared to one whose drumming abilities are able to bring an audience or drum circle to a

rhythmic vibration that causes untamed energy, uncontrollable dancing, large smiles,

and extreme movement of body parts you didn't even know you could move.


My passion is Freestyle Djembe, but I also enjoy playing the Cajon (Box Drum).


I play a REMO Mondo Style Djembe.  I have two.

One is a Leon Mobley Signature model and the other is a Paulo Mattioli Signature model.

(I no longer own the djembe in the above picture.  I gifted it to the Pueblo Drum Circle)



- Some Past Drumming Activities You May Have Seen And Heard Me Play -


Mountain Park Environmental Center, Beulah, CO -  The Center For Powerful Living, Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods Full Moon Drum Circle, Colorado Springs

Manitou Springs Drum Circle - Pueblo Riverwalk Drum Circle - Sacred Hoop Ministry Drum Circle, Woodland Park - J4CL Drum Circle, Arvada

2009 UFO Festival, Roswell NM  - Martin Luther King Day Drum Circle, Denver - First Friday, Sacramento CA - Book Signing Festival, Cripple Creek, CO

St Patrick's Day Parade, Colorado Springs - Pridefest Parade, Colorado Springs, Carnivale Parade, Manitou Springs

Paranormal Percussion Band  - UFO Geek The Band  - Various Celebrations, America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs



Contact: djembemike@yahoo.com                    http://www.facebook.com/djembemike