Mike Coletta's Paranormal Past

2015 - Present   I no longer do anything paranormal. Now I follow a supernatural path. Once a lost sinner, now a Born Again Christian. 

2018 -  18 Sep : Audio of Mike on KCMJ FM, The John ThunderHeart Hour. John talks with Mike Coletta aka Djembe Mike about his multi faceted life experiences and where he's at today on his journey through life!

2003 - 2014 Mike's Paranormal Past - Overview Summary

​- I appear in approx 5 books (maybe more) about the Paranormal, numerous titles.

- I've appeared on numerous TV shows and radio/podcast shows about the paranormal. (See Links below)

- I've spoken at numerous conferences/events about the paranormal.

- I've taught numerous classes about the paranormal.

- I've been featured in numerous print and online articles about the paranormal.

- I've hosted numerous investigations about the paranormal.

- I've created numerous devices for paranormal investigation. See below details ***

- I produced the first videos on Youtube showing how to create DIY ghost boxes (Shack Hack, Spirit Box). See below details ***

- Some investigation locations

- The two A&E/BIO My Ghost Story episodes I was involved with: Tale of a Crypt  and  Linda's Lights

Mike's Paranormal Past - Details

2013 - 2014

- Tech Rep for Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers, Aurora, CO

- Paranormal Investigations

    - See RockyMountainGhostExplorers.com for information​.


- TV Appearance

    - Discovery Channel

          - America's Most Secret Structures (Episode involving AF Space Fence)

- TV Appearance

     - Appeared on Season 3, A&E BIO 'My Ghost Story', my voice and video evidence, "Linda's Lights"

- Paranormal Investigations

    - Victor Hotel, Victor, CO

    - Elks Lodge Building, Victor, CO


- My ghost story aired on A&E BIO Season 2 'My Ghost Story'. "Tale of a Crypt"

       - Springs TV Talk article

       - Colorado Springs Gazette article
       -  Article by Alexandra Holzer, at the Huffington Post

       -  Interviewed three people who own an extremely haunted house where a serial killer lived, killing and burying her victims. MGS wants this episode too!

- Shot episode of A&E/BIO My Ghost Story, Colorado Springs, CO

       - KOAA News First 5 story about A&E/BIO My Ghost Story

       - Colorado Springs Gazette article about A&E/BIO My Ghost Story

       - Springs TV Talk article about A&E/BIO My Ghost Story

       - Colorado Springs Fresh Ink article about A&E/BIO My Ghost Story


-  Shot episode of A&E BIO My Ghost Story, Los Angeles, CA

- Paranormal Investigations

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Old Train Station, Colorado Springs, CO

    - City Auditorium, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Last Dollar Inn, Linda Goodman House, Cripple Creek, CO

    - Old Teller Co Jail Museum, Cripple Creek, CO

    - Fairplay Hotel, Fairplay, CO

    - Undisclosed Location, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Crystal Park Cemetery, Manitou Springs, CO

    - Serial Killer Dorothea Puente House, Sacramento, CA


- Paranormal Instructor, Ghoul School, P.U.R.E. Paranormal

     - Colorado Springs, CO

     - Cripple Creek, CO

          - Segment on KXRM Fox21 News about paranormal classes

- Guest Speaker, Colorado Springs Metaphysical Fair

- Radio Show Guest, numerous paranormal subject podcasts online


- Paranormal Investigations

    - Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - May Woolsey Grave, Sacramento, CA

    - Discovery Museum, Sacramento, CA

    - Delta King Paddle Boat, Sacramento, CA

    - Relocated Cemetery, Sacramento, CA

    - Old Mining Area, Sacramento, CA

- Radio Show Guest, numerous paranormal subject podcasts online

- Roswell, NM (UFO Festival)


- Roswell, NM (60th UFO Festival)

- Paranormal Investigations

    - Plane Crash Impact Point, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Fairview Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

- *** I devised a hack for a Radio Shack model 12-470 radio (Shack Hack), making it a Ghost Box. This was a way for everyone to have such a paranormal investigation tool of this kind. Before this (12-469 & 12-470) only the Frank's Box and similar were available, for very few to use. Now, this opened the door for a worldwide effort for people to investigate the paranormal on their own, using the Shack Hack radios.

     - *** I then produced the very first videos on Youtube showing the DIY hacks of both the 12-469 & 12-470 (Shack Hacks). These videos went viral, and thousands of Hack Shacks were made by people all around the world. Radio Shack soon began to run out of these radios, as people bought them to make these paranormal devices.


    - After these 12-469, 12-470 radios eventually became almost impossible to find, companies began producing similar type devices, already modified for paranormal investigation. These devices are still sold today, under various names.

          Note: After the 12-469 & 12-470 Shack Hack, others found different ways to modify other off the shelf model radios to perform like a Shack Hack.

- *** I also began creating numerous other type prototype electronic devices for paranormal investigation. Since few were on the market at that time, many took interest in my devices. The Ghost Hunters International team, (a TV show about the paranormal) contacted me a number of times, asking if they could use my prototype devices on their investigations. I did not let them use them.

- But, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO heard about this and invited me to test my paranormal prototype devices at their hotel. They allowed me to stay in their 'haunted' Room 401 free of charge.


- Paranormal Investigations

    - Hearthstone Inn, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Brutal Murder Location, Manitou Springs, CO


- Roswell, NM (Investigation, Ragsdale UFO Crash Site)