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Before proceeding down to the ABOUT MIKE PAGE link... I invite you to read a summary of my testimony (below) that describes what I was, and what I am now.

If you knew me before, you may not know of the changes I've made to my life. Some of the items you'll see on the ABOUT MIKE PAGE were accomplished prior to my life change, described below. Just so you know.

Part 1 : From fallen to saved, from darkness to light.
Those of you who really know me, know some of my past and present, especially knowing my testimony. I could have almost been compared to a version of Paul (Saul), having persecuted and led many, possibly 1000's astray, while being an influencer for a time.
Not until 2016, when I was saved, would I have really appreciated a find like I did .. a framed print from 1980 titled, The Word.
Especially after hearing, and cherishing the song, and video by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave... "God Is In This Story".
Point being, God is in my story, and He always was ... I just didn't realize it in my dark times.
Part 2 : A tainted past. Leading others astray.
I thought I was on cloud 9 ... when I was actually on cloud 666. I had to do something!

I grew up going to a Catholic church, and Catholic school. I saw and heard things I really didn't understand, memorizing words, hearing stories... but I didn't really get it.
Then my family fell apart.

Life changes after that time were so many, so confusing, so hurtful, so impacting.

After high school I joined the military, after the military I went to junior college, after junior college I got a job with DoD. And on the side I ran a website and message board following the news media, and reporting local and national news.
It became very popular... and eventually I became an influencer in the community. I even ran for mayor of the Colorado city I lived.

Sometimes the stories I covered included religious activities and religious leaders in the community.
I'll just say, I wasn't very kind to those involved in these stories.  This was my comparison to Paul (Saul) of the Bible.. who I had no idea of who he was during this time. I didn't even know what the Bible said.

I was just plain mean to the Christ following people, basically a persecutor of them.. while being supportive of those who led a completely different lifestyle, pretty much like I was leading.
Not a very good lifestyle, as I would find out and realize much later in life.

Also during that time of my life I became very involved in all things paranormal. I mean very involved, and again I became a major influencer in this field.
This time I began reaching those throughout the world, instead of just locally. I provided them with information and items to make their paranormal experience more easy, fun, and exciting.

And I eventually caught the attention of others, who were not happy with what I was doing.

A major corporation contacted me and said, if you don't take your information related to our products off your websites and videos, associating us with your evil paranormal creations, we will sue you.

I asked, what evil are you talking about?
And then I asked, why they thought they were always selling out of those specific products; and if they'd like to share the profits, with me being the reason people were buying them.
They never contacted me again.

Those evil creations they called it, later provided me with opportunities to be on network and cable television shows, do presentations at conferences, have mentions and chapters about me in books and other periodicals, be interviewed on radio and TV stations, podcasts, and more.

I even had a popular paranormal TV show team contact me, wanting to use some of my uniquely designed equipment, since very little was then available.
And the Stanley Hotel in Colorado contacted me to invite me to stay for free and test my equipment there, for my videos.
How could that be evil, are they kidding?

I've reached thousands of people throughout the world with what I've done, many are performing exactly how I showed them... making my devices that they called evil.
I have touched many people, how could that hurt?

I thought I was on cloud 9 ... when I was actually on cloud 666.

It wasn't until 2015 that I saw the Light because of the darkness I was then in. I now saw how it hurt, and how it was evil, and how I was called evil. I saw how I led so many astray.

And I then acted... and in 2016 I was SAVED and baptized.

So, why can you still find the things I've done on the web? Number one, you can never really erase the web. There are ways to find what you think you can't. 
But more importantly, because, although I'm now ashamed of what I did, I want others to see how I've changed, and where I came from as part of my testimony.
 So, if they contact me thinking I still do what I did, I can tell them no I don't, and share my testimony.

And, it has happened!

 If I can help save just one of those thousands of people that I may have led astray.. that is good.

Part 3 : From Paranormal to Percussion, from dark to light.
How I escaped paranormal, and ended up on a church worship team as a percussionist.

In 2008 I began to learn to play the hand drum. I soon became very interested and active in drumming, and attending different drumming events.
Now focusing more on that rather than the paranormal, I began to enjoy percussion more, and eventually ended up leading many drum circles, where sometimes hundreds of people took part.

This lasted about 6 years until a major life event caused me to backslide into the paranormal again.
So, another 12 months of ungodly activity consumed me... until I was shown a certain and intense dark side of my activities.
I escaped with my life, albeit a mess.

In 2015 I finally discovered godly preaching, on of all places, shortwave radio. I listened to numerous preachers on the radio, and TV. I went out and bought a Bible... and my scripture reading time began.
I took many notes, which I still have. And I then began attending church services... at different churches, until I settled down for a bit.

Eventually in 2016, remarried, I would be saved, baptized, and then I became a member of the church worship team as a percussionist.

This, along with my intense Bible reading, men's Bible studies, and numerous church activities allowed me to immerse my life into something that was light rather than dark.
I had found God, and He is with me.

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