I'm as old as the Space Program... all of it.

From Sputnik to Artemis... I've been alive for it all!

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Space Gab Podcast, Copyright 2013-2021

2013 Space Gab Podcast Subjects

#66 >>>  Audio  for 25 Nov 2013  Length - 27 min (mp3 file) - Note: Slight audio hiss <<<
Comet ISON closing in on sun - what will happen, LADEE is in orbit around the Moon - in Lunar orbit doing experiments as I speak, SpaceX tells why reignite of Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket did not happen, SpaceX to launch communications satellite today, China launches Shiyan 5 imaging satellite, India's Mars orbiter to leave Earth orbit on November 30th, Mining rights on the Moon - Mining claims sought by big companies for possible Lunar property right too,  Mars rover Curiosity still under the weather due to glitch - placed in mode where no experimentation can be done until fix found, ISS astronaut Karen Nyberg and her space bound hockey puck, Just what do astronauts bring to space with them that we don't know about?, Many CubeSats take flight - now in orbit and I am attempting to receive radio signals from all of them, Progress M-21M re-supply mission to ISS going on the longer route so KURS testing can be accomplished. - perfect opportunity to receive signals from Progress spacecraft.

#65 >>>  Audio  for 11 Nov 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
GOCE satellite falls from orbit and almost makes it over US during re-entry - close but no cigar, India's Mars Orbiter Mission completes numerous burns to bring it higher in orbit - but last burn shutdown prior to full scheduled burn time, I received radio communications on VHF frequencies direct from space as spacewalk outside ISS with Olympic torch was going on - as ISS orbited near US, DARPA Phoenix project to salvage components from satellites in orbit - something China may be doing right now, Asteroids and comets still in the news, Russian meteor explosion was brighter than the sun, China has opportunity to surpass US space program, Canada releases space themed $5 bank note, Kepler planet hunter spacecraft to look at planet orbiting closer to their own stars, GRAIL mission gets details on Lunar surface formation, 3 hour TV show to broadcast first Virgin Galactic spaceflight, Multi-tail comet or asteroid seen by Hubble, MAVEN Mars mission spacecraft loaded onto rocket for Nov 18 launch.

#64 >>>  Audio  for 5 Nov 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
India launches Mars probe, China launches another satellite, More speculation about those Chinese satellites doing those orbital dances - a real dancing with the stars?, Update on no signal from Cornell University CUSat-1 satellite, Habitable planets not as rare as first thought says another study, ISS news - 9 crew members to occupy ISS for a bit, Olympic torch to make trip to ISS and then walked in space, How many living creatures occupy the ISS at one time?, SpaceShipTwo to take another test flight, Paranormal/Science talk show host Art Bell ceases his new Dark Matter radio show on Sirius satellite radio after only a month and-a-half.

#63 >>>  Audio  for 28 Oct 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to launch probe to Mars, GOCE satellite out of fuel and will reenter atmosphere, Cygnus supply spacecraft leaves ISS and re-enters atmosphere, Japan tests Space Canon to be used to blast then capture asteroid material and bring it back, Comet gets very bright and they wonder why, Satellite FUEGO to monitor for fires on ground, ESA says PLANCK space observatory cosmic time machine has gone dark, Russia declares war on asteroids, UN proposes project concerning NEO and PHO asteroids approaching Earth, Blob detected on radar turns out to be military experiment, China launches satellite with no NOTAM issuance, Other Chinese satellites still doing interesting orbital maneuvers, Using her long blonde hair to move in space, Dream Chaser spacecraft flips over after test flight landing or does it?, Cornell University lost contact with their CUSat-1 and asks for my help to find the satellite radio signal.

#62 >>>  Audio  for 21 Oct 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Asteroid 2013 TV135 coming to impact a planet near you, ASTEROID2013TV135.com, Huge Russian meteorite pulled from lake bottom, Orionids meteor shower, Curiosity rover Argon gas test possibly confirms Martian meteorites found on Earth are really from Mars, Looking for ET probes in orbit, Has the Cornell University satellite CUSat failed?, Three rocket launches postponed for various reasons, LADEE begins laser communication technology experiment testing while orbiting around Moon, Gravity movie sparks article on space junk, Astronaut wives club TV series, Making ham radio contacts during JOTA.

#61 >>>  Audio  for 14 Oct 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Colorado Spaceport east of Denver may get S3 Swiss Company for launches, Mercury 7 astronaut Scott Carpenter dies, Russia has replaced head of their space program, Lonesome planet without a sun, Cargo unloaded from Cygnus spacecraft at ISS, An asteroid that may have been flooded with water, Russian missile launch test caught on film up at the International Space Station, SpaceX still not talking about what may have happened during Falcon 9 version 1.1 launch, Falcon 9 launch objects finally identified - maybe, Tracking satellites ALOUETTE 2 - DANDE and CUSAT at SATWATCH.ORG, Skybox Imaging set off their first two satellites - SkySat1 and SkySat2 to be launched, JUNO spacecraft shuts down and into safe mode but then reboots - did ham radio event do it?, Iran to send another monkey to space, International observe the Moon night, Pebble found in debris field was comet nucleus and ancient jewelry provides proof of comet event.

#60 >>>  Audio  for 7 Oct 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Update of SpaceX Falcon 9 ver 1.1 rocket launch and tracking of numerous debris objects, Cornell University CUSat mission change and signal capture, DANDE satellite signal capture, Draconid Meteor Shower, LADEE is in Lunar orbit, Government shutdown and NASA website status, Mars MAVEN mission still a GO during Gov shutdown, Beer made with meteorite dust, New reality TV show called Space Race with the prize - a trip to space, NASA's Bolden wants to continue to work with China on space projects, Payload damage on NASA balloon to study comet ISON, Orbiting Mars spacecraft snaps pictures of comet ISON, Meteorite starts house fire that may have killed two, My interview with another major international news agency.

#59 >>>  Audio  for 30 Sep 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Another near miss of an asteroid, Did the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch create more than usual space debris from a possible explosion or breakup?, CUSAT-1 and DANDE satellite captures, Orbital Sciences Cygnus docks with ISS, China launches another satellite, NASA Balloon to monitor comet ISON from 120,000 feet, RCMP dash-cam catches fireball over Canada, China to launch space station by 2023, Mars water found in soil sample, NASA space radar technology used to find buried living victims under collapsed building rubble, 8-Track technology on space probes, DARPA wants a new space plane.

#58 >>>  Audio  for 24 Sep 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Orbital Sciences Cygnus ISS docking delayed due to glitch and ISS crew arrival, North Korea tests rocket maybe for new satellite launch, UK team wants to develop Mars Hopper, Fireball spotted over Texas, China is willing to train foreign astronauts and invites them to their space station, When is a NEO not a NEO, SpaceX willing to share time on LC-39A, Last days of Tiangong 1 are near, NASA administrator Charles Bolden going to China, Small alien microbes in space?, No methane on Mars means no life?, 3D printed satellites could be the future of space technology, Church of the Meteorite is founded in Russian city where meteor exploded, Iran wants a cat into space.

#57 >>>  Audio  for 16 Sep 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
NASA lost contact with comet chaser - now spinning out of control, 3 ISS crew members safe on Earth, Third largest NEO found to be a comet, India prepares for Mars launch, Sutter's Mill meteorite contains extraterrestrial stuff of surprise, Curiosity makes record distance drive, Mars colony applications top 202,586, Russian Briz KM launches 3 Gonets satellites, Flying frog at LADEE launch, Voyager 1 again makes it into interstellar space - honest, Falcon 9 new version launch put on hold - and its payload of 7 satellites, Cygnus to ISS demo postponed a few days, Ham radio guy KF5LJG is an astronaut going to ISS, 551 pounds of space junk coming to Earth in near future - 40 to 50 pieces of Goce satellite in uncontrolled reentry- where will it hit?, Veggie garden on the ISS, LADEE makes 3 burns - 2 more needed before final Oct 6 burn, Japan launches Epsilon rocket with SPRINT A satellite.

#56 >>>  Audio  for 9 Sep 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
LADEE spacecraft on way to moon, HTV-4 leaves ISS reenters atmosphere being monitored & awesome video, Ham operators can talk to JUNO spacecraft on way to Jupiter, ISS Slow Scan TV, Space Fence NPR story, Huge Meteor Fireball over Texas and New Mexico captured by Space Fence signals before shutdown, Japan Kirobo robot speaks on ISS, Russian cosmonaut quits before ISS trip, QRP contacts to Japan.

#55 >>>  Audio  for 3 Sep 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Air Force Space Surveillance System - Space Fence turned off, Russian rocket engine export ban could hurt NASA, Mars rover drives on its own, India's Chandrayaan mission finds traces of underground water on moon, China to launch lunar landing mission, SpaceX to test flyback booster this year, Life on Earth started on Mars, Astronauts recreate spacesuit water leak, Curiosity camera catches Phobos passing Sun, Einstein@Home project finds 24 new pulsars, ISS orbit boost, WOW - Major fireball event is -16 magnitude, Flock 1 constellation of Dove satellites going into orbit.

#54 >>>  Audio  for 27 Aug 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Japan's new Epsilon rocket,  Chinese satellite speculation, UFO near ISS is antenna cover, UFO makes contact with Johnson Space Center, Roscomos denies Proton launch schedule, Astronaut explains water in helmet, NASA is selling three giant launch platforms, Hibernating satellite to get new asteroid mission, Sharp pictures from 21 in telescope, Wave at Saturn photo involves 30 states and 40 countries, Russian launch vehicle to attempt 23 CubeSat LEO release, NASA to test laser communications with moon orbiter, Dream Chaser takes captive carry flight, Mission concept video of asteroid mission, Orbital's COTS mission demo with Cygnus is moved, Big telescope mirror gets glass poured, GeoEye Sat orbit raised, Hoax over Mars Moon size once again, Russian meteor may have had other melting encounters, Jesse Marcel Jr. passes away, Venus to get visit from sail powered rover.

#53 >>>  Audio  for 19 Aug 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
An article about me and my space fence hobby, Put your loved ones ashes into orbit, Proposals for CubeSats being taken, Meteor dust travels the world, Living and cooking in a dome for future space missions, SpaceX goes sideways, Navy trains for Orion water landings, AREA 51 does exist - oh my gosh!, Kepler is needing a new mission, NASA I.G. finds Orion program issues, Graphic of 1400 hazardous asteroids is just the beginning, Voyager 1 where are you really, Moon moons moon, Record setting EVA, Chinese weather satellites to help with US weather data, Chinese satellite launched this year now orbits next to a 2005 launched Chinese satellite for a possible experiment, Mystery object turns out to be a weather balloon, I am tracking a mystery object too.

#52 >>>  Audio  for 12 Aug 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Chelyabinsk meteorite part of a gang of siblings, Perseids meteor shower recap, Russian Proton rocket set to launch again, Chinese satellites play tag in orbit for possible sat grab experiment, Kelly brothers astronaut experiments, NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver to leave agency, NASA and Mattel create a Mars Explorer Barbie doll, Looking for ideas on Kepler mission, Solar magnetism photos seen for first time, Air Force Space Surveillance System - Space Fence to be closed says memo, Australia funded WGS 6 satellite launches into orbit, Sun to do a flip, 1100 Haiku selected to go to Mars, Global climate change satellite to fly in orbit, Golden lunar landers, Bolden says asteroid capture mission not planet saver or for science. 

#51 >>>  Audio  for 5 Aug 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Art Bell announces new DARK MATTER radio show on Sirius XM sat station, SLS Rocket makes critical milestone, God of Thunder super computer to predict weather, Exoplanets discovered using x-ray technique, Space debris falls in village and may be from 1975 rocket launch, Japan launches HTV-4 cargo craft to ISS and it contains tiny talking robot and four cube satellites, Perseid meteor shower to peak 11-12 Aug, Zombie comets story, Bigfoot searching drone to be deployed, Space Viking photo gets NASA noticed by Senator who wants an inquiry, When you can't get your TV channel what to do.

#50 >>>  Audio  for  29 July 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Art Bell coming back to terrestrial radio?, Spitzer telescope looks at comet ISON, DARPA wants to build underwater mother-ship, British team planning Mars mission, Another Progress supply ship docks with ISS, ORION spacecraft gets dropped and makes it, What are centaurs study looks at, Karen Nyberg to give keynote speech from ISS to UNC class at graduation, AF museum new shuttle landing simulator, Chinese President meets with Shenzhou 10 crew and scientists, New speed record for electrical switching using magnetite, Asteroid capture mission proposals come flooding in - more than 400 to be reviewed, A new Cosmos series in works, Space Foundation celebrates Colorado Days, LES 2 signal capture update.

#49 >>>  Audio  for  23 July 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Attempt to fix Kepler, Apollo 11 Saturn V F1 rocket engines confirmed, HAARP is down and out but for how long?, Boeing CST-100 crew spacecraft open to media, ULA launches MUOS satellite, A 1944 dripping experiment revised and successful, Earth and moon from space probes new photos, Another idea about Mars atmosphere, Another idea on Global warming, The CIA invests in study for weather manipulation, ISS contacts BSA, Major lightning storm and the sounds it makes, a strange signal on the ISS frequency.

#48 >>>  Audio  for  16 July 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Water leak in helmet stops spacewalk, National Parks on the moon?, Washing her hair on the ISS becomes a hit video, I get an e-mail from the EXA - cool stuff!, More contact with the LES 2 satellite signal, Swarms of satellites expected in the future, SETI guy discovers a new Neptune moon, GPS signals scattered by wind to measure storm strength, Drinking cup for those in space without the mess.

#47 >>>  Audio  for  9 July 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Russian launch of space freighter to go as planned, EVA at the ISS, American satellite launched in 1965 transmits again, Did I receive another intermittent transmitter signal from a US satellite launched in 1965 - possibly LES 2, UK to coordinate search for ET radio signals, Ballistic test launch not as they hoped, Lake Vostok contains lots of stuff - maybe even aliens?, 66th anniversary of Roswell UFO incident - how did you celebrate?, 23 million year old lizard in amber,  SpaceX Grasshopper flies 1066 feet in air and lands.

#46 >>>  Audio  for  5 July 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Russian Proton-M rocket explodes after launch sending 3 GLONASS satellites to the ground, Pluto gets two more moons named, Sharpest images of Sun show 'highways, and 'sparkles' and 'blobs' - oh my, Name that shuttle for the Houston space center, Arkyd 100 satellite gets it's funding, Jason-1 satellite is now space debris, Audit Chamber says Russian space program needs fixing, Comet ISON gets video movie thanks to Hubble telescope team, NASA launches two rockets on the 4th for a Dynamo experiment.

#45 >>>  Audio  for  1 July 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
New TV series about American & Soviet space race, IRIS satellite launches aboard Pegasus rocket and I get the RF reflection, Spaceflight booths at Paris air show, Blowing up NEO asteroid still an option, Cool photo of Shenzhou 10 and Tiangong 1 crossing Sun, Pocket Spacecraft and how you can put your name on one to the Moon, The Minnesota Iceman makes a comeback, GALEX satellite gets sent a shutdown signal, Russian meteor explosion sent shockwave around the globe twice, NASA Deep Space Network to assist India with Mars probe mission, Shuttle Atlantis display is opened.

#44 >>>  Audio  for  26 June 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Shenzhou 10 with astronauts returns to Earth after a successful mission,  What is next for Tiangong 1 and the new Chinese space station, A space walk at the ISS, A mission to Mercury for NASA and ESA, Karen Nyberg attends her HS reunion from the ISS in space, The 10,000th Near Earth Object is found with many more to go, A few new planets in the Goldilocks zone, Capturing the RF reflection from Shenzhou 10.

#43 >>>  Audio  for  24 June 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Shenzhou 10 and Tiangong 1 update, New documentary with evidence of a TWA Flight 800 missile attack, NASA asteroid retrieval mission could be in jeopardy, Asking for help with potential near earth object detection program from John Q Public, British military files about UK UFO reports released to public - 4300 pages worth, A space telescope project meets its first goal, Huge chunk of Russian meteorite found on lake bottom - could be 661 pounds, Farmer finds one billion year old meteorite while clearing field, Armenia planning to put a satellite into orbit, Sun sends a CME greeting our way just in time for summer solstice.

#42 >>>  Audio  for  11 June 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Asteroid passes 65,000 miles from Earth, Iran wants space monitoring center for orbiting object detection, Shenzhou 10 launches with 3 Chinese astronauts to Tiangong 1 space station, NASA gives another grant to technology students, Meteor shower peaks near constellation of the dolphin - did you see any?

#41 >>>  Audio  for  7 June 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
SPECIAL: StormChasers Tim Samaras and Paul Samaras funeral service remarks and stories shared by family and friends. Tim's wife, daughters, and Mike Nelson share stories about Tim and Paul, who were killed by a tornado in Oklahoma on 31 May 2013, while storm chasing.

#40 >>>  Audio  for  5 June 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Space port in Florida still getting debated, Next Generation Suborbital Conference, NASA Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer LADEE, Last words of StormChasers?, Another stormchaser killed in same tornado that was 2.6 miles wide with 295 mph wind speed, Asteroid gives life a boost here, ATV4 Albert Einstein to launch to ISS today, NASA Morpheus Lander has an oops, Dying hybrid asteroid / comet P/2010 A2 with massive debris tail - what if it came near to Earth - YIKES!

#39 >>>  Audio  for  3 June 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Storm Chasing & Tornado Chasing, Storm-Chaser Tim Samaras is killed while chasing a storm in Oklahoma along with his son and friend, Possibly Tim Samaras' last audio interview the day he was killed, Tim was a ham radio operator WJ0G who helped with EOSS balloon launch recoveries and more,  Tim's Silent Key mention on his QRZ page is somewhat eerie, Audio from my storm chase in Kansas

#38 >>>  Audio  for  31 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
- Lizards on Mars? - Mission Control tells ISS Astronauts, Don't look out your windows... we're firing lasers up your way... - Astronaut exercise periods, just how much does it vibrate the ISS? - New ISS mission task, how to get my songs on my iPod, asks new crew member - Asteroid 1998 QE2 has it's own moon, and its passing by Earth today
- Meteorite bead jewelry made way back when, by the Egyptians - NASA's Grail mission finds massive invisible regions in moon's gravity field - Hubble healthy they say - New type battery in works

#37 >>>  Audio  for  29 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
SEX in Space, New Mexico team to find target asteroid for upcoming mission, ISS Expedition 36 crew complete with launch and docking, Female Astronaut, Karen Nyberg joins ISS crew, Lunar telescope for Earthlings to view Earth and more via internet, Boeing 787 flying again - hear interesting radio comm, NASA lab Eagleworks to do Warp Drive technology research for exoplanet space travel

#36 >>>  Audio  for  27 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Question about women in space, Ultrasound on ISS helps all on Earth, Big asteroid pieces in lunar impact crater once thought to be lunar interior material, Sixth Extinction Period is upon us some say, Water to be gone in two generations, $1.5M to fly to space with Hollywood star, Expedition 36 rocket goes vertical and astronauts packing for trip to ISS

#35 >>>  Audio  for  24 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Space burritos on the ISS and other food, Why astronaut had hard time getting out of Soyuz capsule, Russia's new reusable spacecraft, Minuteman test launched, Starting to clean up old Saturn V rocket engines - you can watch, NOAA GOES 13 sat out, Rare Hasselblad camera for sale - used in first space photos taken, Bigelow and NASA again talking moon base stuff, NASA head looks at asteroid mission Ion engines, Some media not believing in the Mars One project - think maybe it is a hoax

#34 >>>  Audio  for  22 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Observing and documenting satellite reentries, First British astronaut to ISS, NASA wants to rent out historic space launch pad 39A, Giant space rocket crawler, Mars gets 200 asteroid strikes per year they say, Sally Ride to get Presidential medal, Filming from near space for sci-fi movie, NASA gives grant for 3D food printer, Mars Rover Curiosity drills again, New space movie Europa Report - Is there life below Jupiter moon Europa's ice, New space stethoscope designed by JHU
#33 >>>  Audio  for  20 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
NASA final approval for Asteroid sample mission, Meteoroid explosion on Moon, Cosmonauts well wishing for Russian singer, Students compete in 2013 Science Olympiad, Russian Bio-Sat returns but all is not well, Saving the Kepler mission - a couple ideas, Delta 4 launch set for Wednesday evening, SETI downtime might miss a signal, Comet ISON viewing event not as planned, Solar activity and Earth weather - did weekend tornadoes happen because of increased sun activity?

 #32 >>>  Audio  for  17 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Farmers in Space - Growing food on Mars, GPS satellite launches, Ghana takes first steps to satellite technology, Kepler Space Telescope in safe mode - Is this the end of the exoplanet finding mission, Teacher gets Space Foundation scholarship, Asteroid 1998 QE2 headed for close pass of Earth - Is there companion debris traveling with it, Spy Satellite to Mars - maybe

 #31 >>>  Audio  for  15 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Mysterious Chinese rocket launch, 3 ISS space guys return to Earth - but American astronaut gets stuck in Soyuz, Solar Flare & CME activity Doom & Gloom - Is Sun related destruction in our future, Skylab 2 stuff, EUTELSAT 3D launches into orbit, NASA Astronaut plans to do some quilt making in space aboard the ISS

 #30 >>>  Audio  for  13 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Another Meteorite hit house in Connecticut, Are fine grained minerals of Mars bad for humans, 40 years of Skylab, A 1956 Satellite City design, Children's Museum to contact ISS, Students send iPhone in lower space, New space movie titled GRAVITY trailer looks pretty action packed, Orbital Sciences Cygnus Mass Simulator atmospheric reentry witnessed over Chile and Argentina even captured on video, MMOD strikes create unique signatures, Audio Highlights of ISS spacewalk to find and repair ammonia leak

 #29 >>>  Audio  for  10 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Emergency Spacewalk at ISS for ammonia leak, Senators see and speak to astronauts at ISS, Final pods for Orion, NASA TV to broadcast Soyuz landing if still scheduled, Students get space scholarship, Flammable differences in space, Broadway cast talks to ISS crew, Digital comm with ISS, Mars One reality TV applicants reach 78,000 so far, Speaking of reality TV - my Vienna Girardi story, Moon dust found in warehouse of university from Apollo 11 sample returns

 #28 >>>  Audio  for  8 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Estonia's First satellite is in orbit, I heard ESTCube-1 and have the proof, LandSat 8 update, FAA taking public comment on proposed SpaceX space port in Texas, Student sing along from ISS, Teachers benefit from Space Foundation grant,  Large meteor explodes above Wyoming, ESA picks BIOMASS for earth observations, Can you find Gravitational Lenses, A 1950's view of Moon travel

 #27 >>>  Audio  for  6 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Russian researcher claims meteorites found from Tunguska event but scientist say No, The Dish movie and Apollo 11 connection, Three SAT debris objects I captured, New information released about Soviet Astordogs that survived remarkable event, Russia wants to lead in space power generation technology, High winds cancel Vega rocket launch but new launch may be scheduled, How you can listen for ESTCUBE-1 satellite and tell Estonia you heard it, The ISS getting a boost, Space Object decay list, Satellite industry not happy with Qualcomm plan for in-flight internet frequencies, Iraq to launch water monitoring satellite, Neil Armstrong EKG and X-Rays go up for auction, Meteor shower did you see anything?

 #26 >>>  Audio  for  3 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Rover communicates again, Fermi Space Telescope moves to avoid collision but now could be stuck in orbit longer, Surprise - tiny skeleton is NOT an ET, Big Sun explosion, Targeted asteroid now has cool name, NASA collecting your stuff to go to Mars, Eta Aquarid meteor shower this weekend, Canadarm goes on display in museum, Can you own land on the Moon, Space Port one step closer in Florida, Name an alien planet campaign, Three Sats going up tomorrow, Future ISS Lithium-Ion batteries not like those on Boeing 787 they say

. #25 >>>  Audio  for  1 May 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Students to talk to ISS, 1947 UFO hoaxes before internet, High Quality Research Act to stop hobby shop science projects spending taxpayer money, Group to recreate Star Trek Enterprise bridge for interactive display, Herschel space observatory closes it eye, Meteoroid hits ISS solar panel, Space Foundation student art going to ISS, India's JUGNU satellite comes back alive and I capture the signal, China's Shenzhou 10 is on the move, Mars Rover Opportunity in standby mode, NASA extends contract for Russian rides to space, East African performer says he almost died inside NASA spacesuit

 #24 >>>  Audio  for  29 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
China launches Hi-Res Earth Sat, CUBEBUG-1 Sat operators want to hear from you, LOST SATELLITE - S. Korean artist builds Satellite but cant find it NEEDS HELP!, PhoneSat project Update - They have re-entered atmosphere, Alexander Graham Bell speaks, PhoneSat news story transmitted worldwide via Shortwave digital mode test, Spaceship Two could break sound barrier today, VOA RADIOGRAM what is it, US Army seeking alternative to GPS, Pine Bush, NY UFO Capitol of NY has UFO fair

 #23 >>>  Audio  for  26 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Meteor explodes and Meteorite crashes through house roof on US east coast, Progress 51 launches to ISS and docks, Will Russian Cosmonauts carry 2014 Olympic Torch during spacewalk at ISS, NASA assures lawmakers over SLS, Space Debris get together talks about cleaning cosmic junk, Orbital Sciences picked for TESS exoplanet hunting satellite, ISS Comm test bed with SDR technology checks out, Unwrapping Space Shuttle Atlantis from protective material, Glonass Sat launched

 #22 >>>  Audio  for  24 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Oops - ISS Spacewalker accidentally sends experiment drifting in orbit and is seen in astronomer's video from Earth, Meteor lights up sky over Argentina, SpaceX Grasshopper flies again, World Record telescope viewing in Mexico, Water above Jupiter from comet impact, Meteor shower from upcoming comet ISON, Preserving lunar landing spots, PhoneSats still orbiting and sending, Russia to de-orbit PIRS module from ISS, The Roswell UFO Incident

 #21 >>>  Audio  for  22 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Antares rocket takes off, Three PhoneSat in orbit, I captured PhoneSat signals, Animals in Space, ISS spacewalk and cable glitch, Focus on space debris gathering, Bigelow and NASA talk moon base, Three astronauts inducted into Hall of Fame, Family bull launched into orbit, NASA urged to preserve funds, CA State University at Northridge building satellite, Lyrid meteor shower.. I got one

 #20 >>>  Audio  for  19 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
US eases exports on some aerospace parts, SLS begins acoustical testing, Big Bang didn't need Big Guy, Another Atlas 5 being stacked, Kepler mission finds possible additional habitable planets, Antares rocket does not launch as planned, Wringing out a water soaked rag in space

 #19 >>>  Audio  for  17 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Air Force Space Fence still funded, Mars One taking video applications for Mars trip, CU-Boulder getting funds for weather satellite project, NASA missing out on space exploration?, NEOCam new IR sensor for asteroid tracking, FAA releases SpaceX space port information, Go for Antares launch so far,  Lyrid Meteor shower this weekend, Lunar Rover for water study at Moon poles, ISS Spacewalking this week

 #18 >>>  Audio  for  15 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Russia Space announcement on special day, Big Telescope on Hawaiian volcano, Orbital Antares rocket launch, PhoneSat payload set for orbit, GORESAT gets new life, First time satellite launches for small countries, NASA media not just for bigger guys, Social media too, Albert Einstein set for launch to ISS, X-48C test flights complete, more Sat launches set

 #17 >>>  Audio  for  12 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Astronaut on my wall, Nothing beats an Astronaut commercial, IRIDIUM NEXT Sats and aircraft tracking, Soviet Mars Lander found, Field Museum gets cool meteorites, House Committee on Space talks more space threats, RADARSAT-1 off, NOAA-17 off, Moon and Mars here we come say Soviets, Town to be named for space pioneer

Audio for  11 Apr 2013  (mp3 files)
National Space Symposium Interviews 
 >>>  Interview with Sandia Lab  (mp3 file)  <<<
Sandia Laboratory
 >>>  Interview with CO Space Coalition  (mp3 file)  <<<
Colorado Space Coalition
 >>>  Interview with Quallion Lithium Power Solutions  (mp3 file)  <<<
Quallion Lithium Ion Power Solutions
 >>>  Interview with NEW SPACE JOURNAL  (mp3 file)  <<<
 >>>  Interview with Space Dynamics Lab, Utah State University  (mp3 file)  <<<
Space Dynamics Lab

 #16 >>>  Audio  for  10 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Space Symposium Report - Bill Nye The Science Guy talks asteroid threat, Dr Scott Hubbard of B612 Foundation and John Troelzsch of Ball Aerospace talk Project Sentinel, the satellite that will search for Near Earth Objects 

 #15 >>>  Audio  for  09 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Where did Mars air go?, More turbulent air, China space experiment, Navy laser, Four decades of Pioneer 11, UFO film with pint size aliens, No US Moon Men in future?

 #14 >>>  Audio  for  08 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
UK CubeSat dead?, Another Russian Meteor?, Radar-Progress Experiment in Space, NASA & MIT new search for LIFE on Exoplanets, Antares launch with new Phone-Sats, Space Symposium coverage coming

 #13 >>>  Audio  for  05 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Dark Matter or something else, Russian and US asteroid capture, Primordial soup power, Parachute moves on Mars, Radio signal downtime for Mars behind Sun

 #12 >>>  Audio  for  04 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
From The Past: Sir Patrick Moore of BBC TV Show, Sky At Night, writes in Radio Today, July 17, 1969 then covers LIVE the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

 #11 >>>  Audio  for  03 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
NASA climate scientist retires, Close beaches for SpaceX, China 2nd female to space, NASA ads, Russian lunar landers, Book and TV show for me?

 #10 >>>  Audio  for  02 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
UFO at ISS, Buzz Aldrin new book, Bigelow Aerospace and NASA contract

 #9 >>>  Audio  for  01 Apr 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Edge of Space Science, ISS Easter egg hunt, Private WX SAT, China's Shenzhou 10

 #8 >>>  Audio  for  29 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX talks upgrade of Falcon 9 and Dragon 2, which looks like a real alien spaceship says Elon Musk

 #7 >>>  Audio  for  28 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Dragon, Soyuz, Asteroid Trip, Spacesuit auction 

 #6 >>>  Audio  for  27 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
A new Russian Space Station? 

 #5 >>>  Audio  for  26 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
WHAT?  NASA not attending 29th Space Symposium

 #4 >>>  Audio  for  25 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Can B612 Project Sentinel save planet Earth?

#3>>>  Audio  for  24 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
When the Meteor EXPLODES!

#2 >>>  Audio  for  23 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
Space partnering with China

#1 >>>  Audio  for  22 Mar 2013  (mp3 file)  <<<
International interest for my Space Radar​​

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Podcast about space related topics. Mike Coletta, who supported the space program for almost 2 decades, shares news of current and past events that relate to various space programs. Space and astronomical related events are also covered in this audio Space Report. Mike Coletta's Space Gab Podcast was featured in the opening scenes of the COSMOS 2019 Movie, a science fiction thriller about 3 Astro-Nuts in search of mysteries of the universe.




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2020 & 2021 Space Gab Podcast Subjects

#160 >>> Audio  for 08 Dec 2021  Length - 24min (mp3 file)  <<<

LIVE lecture from China's Tiangong space station, Japanese billionaire launches to the International Space Station while waiting for SpaceX Moon ride, Blue Origin space tourists flight delayed, We've seen long hair before, but not like this! Soon at the ISS, "Congress Tells Pentagon and Intelligence Community: UFOs Are Serious Business!, I watched the movie, First Signal, Interesting question about ISS, Asteroid worth $5B to pass us, China's 48th rocket launch of 2021, ULA liftoff of STP-3 mission, Moon mystery cube hut discovered by China's lunar rover, NASA signs agreements for commercial space station designs.

#159 >>> Audio  for 01 Dec 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<

The US National Space Council Is Back and Focused on Security, VP Harris chairs her first National Space Council, ULA celebrates 15 years, China's Shenzhou13 crew share haircut in space video aboard Tiangong space station, Postponed ISS spacewalk now happening on Thursday, Space debris pass near ISS on Dec 3, NASA wants to put a nuclear power plant on the moon by 2030, Elon Musk, in a company-wide email obtained by CNBC, said SpaceX's Raptor engine program is "a disaster" and in "crisis", TLEs issued for Russian ASAT test, DARPA to launch DoD’s first in-space manufacturing research program, China's interesting low earth orbit delivery system, Roscosmos and NASA harmonizing, James Webb space telescope getting fueled up, An interesting rock on Mars... ‘butt crack rock’, Alien organisms could hitch a ride on our spacecraft and contaminate Earth scientists warn, More samples obtained by Mars Perseverance for proposed sample return, Wow, the massive recent satellite population has polluted the Hubble view.

#158 >>> Audio  for 24 Nov 2021  Length - 24min (mp3 file)  <<<

Liftoff of a Soyuz rocket with the Prichal docking module heading for the ISS, DART asteroid mission liftoff and on its way for an asteroid impact, Bruce Willis ‘turned down Nasa invite’ to watch rocket launch straight out of Armageddon, A UFO by any other name..  Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) Replaces UAP Task Force, From hot air to no air.... GMA to space, Michael Strahan going on next Blue Origin New Shepard space ride, Daughter of the very first American in space will be a space tourist on upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard ride, James Webb space telescope launch delayed, Mars rover Curiosity takes new selfie, Dream Chaser for ISS cargo re-supply, Moon dust creates challenges, Astra rockets to upgrade for next year, Forth attempt showed successful for Astra rocket launch, China's 45th rocket launch of 2021, Russian statement not very believable concerning ASAT space debris danger.

#157 >>> Audio  for 17 Nov 2021  Length - 32min (mp3 file)  <<<

Russian Anti-Satellite ASAT test causes huge space debris cloud that threatened the ISS and many other orbiting spacecraft, Audio from mission control making emergency plans with ISS crew, SpaceX Crew Dragon as a lifeboat, Have they found planet 9 on older IR telescope data?, DART mission update, Vega rocket launch, China's Shenzhou13 crew reading for TV show from Tiangong space station, Chinese ship to launch space missions, Chinese crewed moon mission before 2030, 53 more SpaceX Starlink satellites in orbit, Snoopy going to space, Will Starlink satellites be impacted by ASAT test space debris? Jonathan McDowell says yes, The Hubble team successfully recovered the Advanced Camera for Surveys instrument Nov. 7. The instrument has started taking science observations once again, Starship static fire test, Blue Origin space tourist who travel to space with William Shatner was killed in a plane crash, A Startup Just Launched A Rocket By Spinning It Really Fast And Then Letting Go, Welcome aboard the ISS Crew3.

#156 >>> Audio  for 10 Nov 2021  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<

It's SpaceX Crew3 launch day, Nelson says there's a space race with China, Humans back on the moon delayed, ISS to perform space debris avoidance maneuver, More orbital debris concerns addressed, Orbital data means successful JAXA Epsilon 5 mission, I guess SpaceX or NASA has a new definition for "Four healthy mains", regarding that forth very underinflated decent parachute, Apparently the #Inspiration4 mission and Netflix misrepresented astronaut Hailey's claim?, Space Force wants a more detailed picture of what other nations are doing in space, Mars helicopter Ingenuity 15th flight, China's first spacewalk done by a female astronaut was accomplished by Shenzhou13 at Tiangong space station, 38000 more internet broadband satellites to the mix.

#155 >>> Audio  for 03 Nov 2021  Length - 20min (mp3 file)  <<<

NASA creates new technology and policy office in leadership reshuffle, Crew-2 better limit pepper eating prior to return trip in crew Dragon with inoperable toilet, Hubble remains in safe mode after latest glitch, 21 years on the ISS, China's launch number 41 for 2021, Cool X37B vid capture, Wow, Arecibo from above, And another satellite constellation in the making, 5G phone frequencies disrupting aircraft instruments, Medical issue delays Crew-3 launch, Newly released selfie of China's Mars rover, Mars helicopter Ingenuity 14th flight, A day begins on China's Tiangong space station for the Shenzhou13 crew, If you've got to get high might as well do it with space hops, Space Force missions for Falcon Heavy, Air Force Academy jersey that went to space, Space tourists on Soyuz.

#154 >>> Audio  for 27 Oct 2021  Length - 20min (mp3 file)  <<<

China's hypersonic test like a Sputnik moment, Soyuz cargo spacecraft going to ISS, Axiom looking for people, China's 40th orbital launch of 2021, Blue Origin UAE spaceport, Mixing concrete on the ISS, Halloween liftoff one step closer, Liftoff of Japan's H-2A rocket with navigation satellite, CDR on Blue Ghost lunar lander, Cosmonauts on crew Dragon, Announcing Orbital Reef - a commercial space station transforming human space travel and opening access to new markets. Our team developing the premier commercial destination in low Earth orbit: Blue Origin - Sierra Space Co - Boeing Space - Redwire Space, Hubble safe mode, In an emergency Shenzhou-14 to the rescue, China's Shenzhou 14 is on standby to launch in case of space station emergency, Space debris mitigation technology test.

#153 >>> Audio  for 20 Oct 2021  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<

Space Gab Podcast ranked number 16 of top 50 Space Podcasts, the October full moon is the Hunters Moon, It appears there was a reentry of a satellite that was witnessed by many in the Great Lakes region, Boeing says they're now targeting the "first half of 2022" for Starliner's OFT-2 mission, Boeing will pay for repairs of Starliner valve repairs and other fixes before next launch, Space Force wants to test performance of satellites under attack • Colorado braces for drawn-out fight over Space Command, Grids to move Chinese boosters away from populations, NASA 2022 proposed budget, Lucy asteroid probe mission snag with unlatched solar array, Shenzhou13 crew dining and more on Tiangong space station, Orbital SpaceX Starship slip, Russian space movie keeps on rolling, even after return from ISS,  China has stunned US intelligence and military officials by testing a #nuclear capable #hypersonic missile that traveled through low orbit in space, making a full circle around the globe before speeding towards its target.

#152 >>> Audio  for 13 Oct 2021  Length - 24min (mp3 file)  <<<

Blue Origin New Shepard NS18 launch, rocket landing, spacecraft landing, hatch open, Captain Kirk, William Shatner exits. Space ride complete., Axiom space ISS modules, Another west coast Starlink launch, Update on missing camera at SpaceX Starbase, Deep Blue Aerospace Chinese startup test launch and landing, Launch for #LucyMission on Saturday WX prediction, VP Harris, who was appointed to lead the National Space Council earlier this year, lauded the importance of space discovery in new video series BUT all kids in video were child actors, and all had to submit monologues to be selected, First manufacturing satellite will spend up to three months in orbit to test space manufacturing technologies. At the end of that mission, a reentry capsule will return to Earth the material produced in orbit, Cubesats deployed from ISS, Russian film crew still filming movie at ISS.

#151 >>> Audio  for 06 Oct 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<

Ham Radio Outlet has an astronaut on the cover of their upcoming catalog, Soyuz MS-19 mission took Russian actress, director, and cosmonaut ti ISS to make a SciFi movie, Hey why is the ISS actress wearing a red spacesuit?, Inspiration4 Netflix documentary probably not Top 10 material due to some language and guest appearances but worth a watch, Those aboard the ISS watched the Soyuz MS-19 launch, NASA to remove astronauts scheduled for early Boeing Starliner flights, Stratospheric ballooning to resume, Chinese version of Blue SpaceX for space tourism, SpaceX Falcon Heavy delay, Captain Kirk in space again, Women In Space Barbie doll released, Interesting and intriguing X-37B space plane photo poses social media interest, Lots of posts concerning a fireball early this morning seen around El Paso county Colorado, An interesting find today SPACE OPS coffee, Premium Coffee for the Space Community.

#150 >>> Audio  for 29 Sep 2021  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<

REPEAT SciFi Movie - A zealous cognitive psychologist stumbles across a way of communicating with the other side, Who is flying on Blue Origin #NewShepard space ride next?, Panel: Orbital debris problem is a lot like trying to fix climate change, Amazing pictures during Soyuz relocation, China.. 1000 days on the far side, Mars Perseverance taking a break... radio signals blocked, Chinese satellite failure confirmed, SpaceX Inspiration4 crew making the media rounds, Nice to see Axiom Space still depicting their space station as AXstation, Landsat 9 liftoff, Boeing Starliner delay official, Liftoff of China's cargo spacecraft Tianzhou3 going to their space station.

#149 >>> Audio  for 16 Sep 2021  Length - 24min (mp3 file)  <<<

SpaceX crew Dragon launches Inspiration4 crew on civilian astronaut mission to orbit earth, See Inspiration4 orbit earth at INSPIRATION4.SPACE website, Why no updates about Inspiration4 mission?, Space Force backs development of commercial orbital debris removal systems, China rolls out cargo mission rocket as Shenzhou-12 astronauts leave space station, SpaceX Starlink launch from California, UAE designing the Rashid rover, a 10-kilogram robotic explorer that will be launched from Earth late next year, Firefly Aerospace says the premature shutdown of one of its Alpha rocket’s four main engines, apparently triggered by an electrical issue, Mars first two rock samples are likely volcanic with hints of salts, view from a spacewalker's camera looks toward the base of the Roscosmos Nauka module.

#148 >>> Audio  for 08 Sep 2021  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<

COSMOS movie memories, Bezos taking shots at Musk, Very good thread here on propulsion for the Tianhe core module for China's space station, James Webb telescope launch date, A 360 degree spacewalk camera at the ISS, WHAT? Army confirms it has tested UFO material, Mars sample, captured.. sealed.. stored, Inspiration4 documentary on Netflix, Russian 'Movie in Space' preparations enter the final month, More on the saga of the, apparently unwanted, NSF cameras at the Texas, Mars helicopter Ingenuity 13th flight, China is developing a Mars helicopter, Apparently China is beginning to crack down on information about their space program being shared, Ice cream delivery to the ISS, Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo is grounded by the FAA.

#147 >>> Audio  for 01 Sep 2021  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<
California fires as seen from space, ISS leaks update, All Russian crew to ISS, US will not share lunar samples with China, Launch insurance concerns, Looking for the next rover ideas, NASA’s first Space Launch System moon rocket possible delay, Battle of the next space station - who will get it, Mirror mirror on the wall who will build the next space station when the ISS begins to fall?, Mars Perseverance ready to try again, 13th China Air Show in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, Lamborn and Crow propose establishment of Space Force National Guard, Unpacking a Dragon, Inspiration4 crew sharing a bunch of PR type material prior to their upcoming launch, NASA TV to show two Russian spacewalks, What wasn't coincidence how the Astra stock tumbled after their rocket tumbled, Space Symposium news in digital format, World Space Report in 2022.

#146 >>> Audio  for 26 Aug 2021  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

A new venue called World Space Report, Space podcasts being done by so many, Blue Origin New Shepard launch, Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, UFO and UAP mania, Ham radio loop antennas and more, Escape from California back to Colorado. Twitter links to space stories, Art Bell Vault website, and more.

#145 >>> Audio  for 26 May 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<
On today's Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson voiced her concern, and opinion on the new TV show that will give a winner a $55M trip to space, and the ISS. Clarkson was concerned with the dollar amount, Lockheed Martin and GM partner to develop new moon buggy for NASA astronauts and cargo, Bezo means no bucks?, Oh my gosh, it's a UFO. No, it's a UAP. No, it's a mylar balloon. No, it's the Lunar Eclipse., Yes the media is still pushing the news stories about the UFO UAP hype. The best part is that they are also sharing the batman mylar party balloon shots. Priceless and pathetic, ISS solar arrays being delivered, Unique skip entry, a stones skip away, White House press briefing gets UFO UAP questions, Axiom Space AX-2 mission info, A word of warning to be watchful. China in space. I told you so, Two pilots flew Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocketplane to the edge of space, Mars salt and pepper, China’s Zhurong rover descended onto the surface of Mars late May 21, a week after the vehicle’s historic landing in Utopia Planitia, Biden answers UAP question, The Blue Origin #NewShepard has a window seat available, Blue Ghost lunar lander to be launched by SpaceX.

#144 >>> Audio  for 19 May 2021  Length - 26min (mp3 file)  <<<
China launching cargo ship to dock with their new space station, China's Mars Rover sends back first photos of Mars surface, South Korea is in last-minute negotiations with the United States to join NASA’s Artemis program, a news outlet here reported May 18, citing government sources, Ravn X to deliver cargo and launch rockets, York Space Systems announced plans Tuesday to establish a “mega manufacturing facility” in Denver to quadruple the number of small satellites in production at once, A computer shut down the Rocket Lab Electron 2nd stage, Rocket Lab Electron rocket failure of second stage with satellite payload a total loss, ULA launched an AtlasV with a SBIRS satellite payload. Here's more about the payload, Did former Space Force commander actually see and hear videos with sensitive content he claims? Or did videos not contain that content as Fox News claims? Or were videos switched? Food for thought, Resurrecting the idea again. The moon as a radio telescope. Would this be a good idea? Isn't the moon riddled with craters from meteors?, Oh NO... 60 Minutes put out those UFO UAP videos again and the same BS storyline, Discovery adventure TV show to launch winning contestant to the space station.

#143 >>> Audio  for 12 May 2021  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<
Here we go again. Non space knowledgeable people being placed in space related positions. Human space debris?, Final farewell foto of Bennu. Arrives back with asteroid sample in 2023, Inspiration4 crew in training, Arrest warrant issued for SpaceX trespassing suspect, Axiom Space and NASA detail first fully private human launch to the Space Station, set for January 2022, The China Long M arch 5B rocket core did come down and landed in the Indian Ocean, Some were upset about the falling China rocket debris, SpaceX launched more Starlink satellites, Chinese rocket’s chaotic fall to Earth highlights problem of space junk, Price increase for a ride to the ISS, Mars helicopter Ingenuity flight number five, Wine that went to space might fetch 1 million dollars at auction. It was flown to ISS in 2019 and orbited for 14 months.

#142 >>> Audio  for 06 May 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX Starship SN15 launched, flew, landed, and again had a fire after landing, SpaceX stopped their LIVE stream early maybe because they thought a pre-landing explosion would happen, SpaceX fanboys went crazy once again, Blue Origin offering a seat to space on their New Shepard spacecraft to highest bidder, As reported by the local news media SpaceX Starlink satellite train observed in Lincoln California, the giant UFO hype in todays society, Sierra Space for Dream Chaser support, Dream Chaser to use Shuttle Landing area in Florida, A moon rock collected by astronaut John Young during the Apollo 16 mission was seen during the swearing-in ceremony for former Senator Bill Nelson as the 14th NASA Administrator, SpaceX Crew-1 is back on earth, Crew Dragon Resilience to be used on Inspiration2 launch, Mars Helicopter Ingenuity made forth flight, An interesting concept for Mars Perseverance and Ingenuity, The first piece of China's new space station is now in orbit.

#141 >>> Audio  for 28 Apr 2021  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<
Apollo 11 astronaut and command module pilot Michael Collins has left this earth for a final time, Family statement regarding the passing of astronaut Michael Collins, The Mars helicopter Ingenuity has taken a picture of the Mars Rover Perseverance during the third flight above the surface of Mars, Now two companies have filed protests in selection of SpaceX for Human Landing System, SpaceX Starship SN15 static fire complete. Flight next, SpaceX Crew-1 Dragon undocking delayed, Liftoff of ULA Delta 4 Heavy with secret payload, Another chance for SpaceX fanboys to scream. A Chinese rocket in development, A super pink moon, Russian Soyuz rocket from the Vostochny Cosmodrome with 36 OneWeb broadband satellites, Satellites are littering our solar system at a rapid speed, China's lunar rover on the moon A look see, Bigfoot, Minnesota Iceman.

#140 >>> Audio  for 22 Apr 2021  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<
The Mars helicopter Ingenuity has successfully made a second flight above the surface of the planet, SpaceX Crew Dragon with Crew-2 to launch 23 Apr, Two big efforts on Mars pay off, Me on Earthday a few years ago, A space based grenade, SLS on the move, Russia is ready to start building its own space station with the aim of launching it into orbit by 2030 if President Vladimir Putin gives the go-ahead, Wow, to the moon with only 1/4 funding, Army plan to use LEO satellites for special purposes, Boeing Starliner test flight delayed, The nuclear option is a possibility, A quick look at the Russian reusable rocket. Looks like fins to help control direction. The SpaceX fanboys will be screaming, China wants to launch its own Hubble-class telescope as part of space station, Amazon selects ULA Atlas 5 for 9 Kuiper missions, Russia joins China's mission to sample an asteroid and study a comet, NASA has selected Starship to land the first astronauts on the lunar surface since the Apollo program!

#139 >>> Audio  for 14 Apr 2021  Length - 20min (mp3 file)  <<<
Today's Blue Origin New Shepard crew prodecure certification/verification, rocket launch, rocket landing, and crew spacecraft landing, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has selected Blue Origin and Lockheed Martin to develop competing spacecraft concepts for a demonstration of nuclear thermal propulsion, Astronaut who strongly disagreed with the decision to build the Space Shuttle, and suggested science experiments for Apollo missions, passed away, Big deal for imaging satellite constellation, SpaceX Starlink launches from the west coast, Astrobotic announces the selection of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket to launch its Griffin lunar lander to the Moon, Northrop Grumman robotic MEV-2 spacecraft, in a first, catches active Intelsat satellite, Mars helicopter Ingenuity flight delayed for software updates, SpaceX abandons catching fairings, China's space station dates, Weather on Mars via Perseverance, NASA budget is increased for FY2022, The FAA has recommended some Boeing 737 MAX aircraft be taken out of service due to an electrical problem, 10 people on board the ISS now, Name changes for ER and WR.

#138 >>> Audio  for 07 Apr 2021  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<
NASA Orion spacecraft drop tested for data prior to Artemis II, Such a cool gif of Mars Perseverance and Ingenuity, ISS solar arrays arrive and are being prepared for launch, SpaceX Starlink launch happened today, Weather report on Mars done by media station, On Friday a crew will launch to ISS, Just days away from Ingenuitys first flight, An RS-25 rocket engine test at Stennis Space Center, This is purported to be China's Mars Rover, I was able to share last night's ISS pass over Sacramento with my mom, Methane leaked caused last weeks SpaceX Starship SN11 explosion, Resurrected a 1980's Sony ICF-7601 12 band radio that was my father's, The Russian government approved extending an agreement on cooperation in space with the United States until December 2030, Update on work at ISS concerning air leak, SpaceX treasures fall from the sky, US Space Command and Japan sign space security agreement, Security helicopter fleet for Florida launch operations.

#137 >>> Audio  for 31 Mar 2021  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<
Coverage starts with parts on the ground (pre-launch), and ends with parts on the ground (post-crash) The continual cycle of Starship coverage, As a child astronaut John Glenn slept on a space related pillowcase, Man gets exclusive video from underneath SpaceX Starship SN11 rocket and posts on YouTube, Mars Helicopter almost ready to be place on surface of Mars for first flight, Congress, can we talk to China? It's about space, Inspiration4 team selected and announced, Elon Musk sends out the welcome wagon while feathering his nest egg, National Space Council will be renewed, SpaceX crew Dragon at ISS to be moved, Artifacts that rode with Apollo 8 and Apollo 10 on their trip to moon orbit. As seen at the Aerospace Museum of California, Going through my late fathers things I came across some newspapers from the Apollo 11 moon landing. Cool to read about it again as it happened!, New spacecraft, Space Utility Vehicle, South Korea to launch robotic lunar lander.

#136 >>> Audio  for 24 Mar 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<
Full speed ahead SLS Artemis, Bluestaq wins $280 million Space Force contract to expand space data catalog, Agreement for 5G networking in space info sharing, NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Prepares for First Flight, North Korea Conducts 1st Missile Test Under Biden Administration, Italy to open US office for outsourcing launch ground services, SpaceX deployed another 60 Starlink satellites, SpaceX Starlink satellites to be maneuvered away from ISS, Space Force acquisition programs in near future, Rocket Lab successfully places satellites into orbit, SpaceX Starship SN11 static fire test, Soyuz launch puts 38 satellites into orbit, Mission to clean up space junk with magnets set for launch, Large decommissioned satellite breaks up into orbiting space debris, NASA SLS hot fire test as seen from space, NASA administrator possibility, Space station crew will take their Soyuz spacecraft for a spin, AFRL focus on space.

#135 >>> Audio  for 17 Mar 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<
The sounds of Mars Perseverance Rover driving on the surface of Mars, Ingenuity Mars Helicopter flight zone selected, Relativity Space was selected to launch a small U.S. military payload to orbit in 2023 using a 3D-printed rocket, Debris Found on Brevard Beach Came From Delta III Launch in 1998, Wearing green and growing green on the ISS, Paraguay’s First Satellite Deployed From the International Space Station, China to construct commercial spaceport to support booming space industry, March 18th for scheduled SLS hot fire test, SpaceX may have offered its Starship rocket for an upcoming 6 cubesat launch in a NASA proposal, FAA says "No public safety concerns..." SN10 mishap, Live like you're in space, Russia looks to China as new space exploration partner, Another SpaceX Starlink launch, NASA released a 2.9-ton cargo pallet with old batteries from the International Space Station this week, the most massive object ever jettisoned from the complex.

#134 >>> Audio  for 03 Mar 2021  Length - 21min (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX targeting today 3 March for test flight of Starship SN10, Eccentric fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa is looking for applicants from around the world to take a seat on a trip to the moon on a SpaceX Starship flight in 2023,LiDAR system to monitor CO2 will be part of a near future Chinese satellite, Chinese commercial launch company iSpace said Monday that an errant piece of foam insulation caused the loss of its Hyperbola-1 launch vehicle, Not before May for second unpiloted test flight for Boeing Starliner, Rocket Lab reveals plans for reusable rocket with 8 ton payload, Kentucky firm plans orbital mini space station in two years, Blue Origin’s massive New Glenn rocket is delayed for years, China is preparing to launch the first module of Tiangong next month, with construction of the entire space station expected to complete in 2022, Tear in astronauts glove during spacewalk causes some concern but measures were taken to finish, ESA is looking for new astronauts, Heat damage caused failed SpaceX Falcon 9 booster landing, Virgin Galactic to experience some delays in test flights and space tourism efforts, 3D printed rocket to take payloads to orbit?

#133 >>> Audio  for 24 Feb 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<

NASA released videos pictures and the first sound recording from the surface of Mars, A microphone captured a wind gust passing over the Perseverance rover after it landed last week, SpaceX Falcon 9 static fire test prior to Sunday launch, SpaceX Starship SN10 performed a static fire test today. Maybe a launch is next?, Second astronaut crew member selected for Inspiration4 orbital mission, Cygnus cargo spacecraft at the ISS, Delay of Boeing Starliner second uncrewed test flight due to damage, Juno Just Saw a Spacerock Crash Into Jupiter, Antenna damage on the recent Progress cargo spacecraft was cause for automated docking issues, An opposition to the acquisition of Aerojet Rdyn by Lockheed Martin in the works, Delay in launch of NASA asteroid deflection experiment spacecraft, A Russia/China International lunar research station in the works, Axiom Space gets additional funding for their future space station project, SpaceX Falcon 9 booster experienced an anomaly during reentry burn, Videos of China's #Tianwen1 as it enters orbit around Mars.

#132 >>>  Audio  for 10 Feb 2021  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<
Mars Probes in the news, China Tianwen-1 and UAE Hope Probe both were insterted into the orbit of Mars this week, Submarine missile launch test seen, DARPA and large structures on the moon, NASA has selected SpaceX of Hawthorne, California, to provide launch services for the agency’s Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) and Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) the foundational elements of the Gateway, ABL Space Systems will conduct a launch for Lockheed Martin from a new spaceport in the Shetland Islands, fulfilling an agreement with the British government announced in 2018, Progress 76P MS-15 cargo spacecraft undocked from ISS and performed reentry, NASA and 3 partners to search for ice deposits under Mars surface, precursor to humans landing, Did you know the first US astronaut in space, Alan Shephard, had his and his wife's ashes buried at sea, Sierra Nev Corp DreamChaser gets 1st FAA commercial re-entry site license for NASA Kennedy Space Florida, Cape Canaveral Spaceport SLF, Meteorite-crazy celebs morph into rock collectors, NASA SLS received another booster, China's Chang'e-4 and Yutu-2 activities again on the lunar surface, New space podcasts out there, Oh the things astronauts take with them to the moon. Have you heard the story about the peanut that went to the moon and back, AIRBUS gets contract to produce 3 more service modules for Orion spacecraft,  Congressional staffers were briefed by the FAA on the SpaceX FAA launch license violation and more, Talk show host Heather Wade has called it quits with The Kingdom Of Nye. Wade announced her departure on her website, Col. Mark Shoemaker, commander of the 45th Operations Group at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station said that the Eastern Range is ready for quicker turnarounds between launches from Florida’s Space Coast, Newspace India Limited (NSIL) PSLV-C51 is scheduled to launch Amazonia-1 and 20 Co-passenger satellites on February 28 2021 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, NASA selects Firefly Space to deliver suite of science and technology demonstrations to the moon, NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for SPHEREx Astrophysics Mission to SpaceX.

#131 >>>  Audio  for 03 Feb 2021  Length - 28min (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX Starship SN9 launch and crash landing, Some people could never be allowed into a NASA Mission Control during a launch, Leverage commercial innovation to counter China's technological advances says top US official, Video of the recent Russian Soyuz rocket with a military satellite payload, SpaceX is hoping to attempt two Falcon 9 launches with Starlink satellites on Thursday, February 4th, Small launch startup Astra to go public at $2.1 billion valuation, The head of Russia’s space agency has slammed Washington’s proposals to have the US Department of Defense operate in space, Ukraine in space! Despite desperate financial situation & need for Western aid, deputy PM says country must launch own spacecraft, Jeff Bezos is stepping down. Bezos said he will stay engaged in important Amazon projects but will also have more time to focus on the Bezos Earth Fund, his Blue Origin spaceship company, Elon Musk off of Twitter a while, Inspiration4 Mission to put four civilian astronauts into earth orbit, Boeing announces first crewed flight will use OFT-2 capsule, but with new service module, We just finished watching the Netflix series AWAY about a trip to Mars, BluShift Aerospace Stardust 1.0 sounding rocket maiden flight was a success after a few attempts, Russia hopes to upstage Tom Cruise’s plans. They're hope is to film the first ever feature film in earth orbit using their own actress, Iran launched the Zol-Jannah three-staged satellite carrier which is capable of carrying satellites weighing up to 220 kg in a 500 km orbit, Space Shuttle Columbia broke up as it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Feb. 1 2003, Another spacewalk at the ISS, Launch of a Hyperbola-1 rocket by Chinese private firm iSpace ended in apparent failure shortly after liftoff, The Japanese H3 rocket core body has successfully been transported after experiencing minor transportation issues, Roscosmos continues discussing joint Moon base with China, NASA announces a second Green Run hot fire test, NASA performs RS-25 test to gather data for upgraded rockets as needed, Just 73 seconds after launch on the morning of Jan 28 1986, a booster engine failed and caused the Shuttle Challenger to break apart, Revenge of Art Bell? The talk show host had no love loss with SiriusXM after his show fell apart, and he blamed them, Now this news: Sirius XM's latest satellite, built by Maxar and launched by SpaceX, suffers failure in orbit.

#130 >>>  Audio  for 27 Jan 2021  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<
It was 6:31 p.m. on Jan. 27, 1967, when a fire started in Apollo 1 killing Gus Grissom, 40, one of the 7 original Mercury astronauts; Ed White, 36, the first American to walk in space; and Roger Chaffee, 31, a rookie awaiting his first flight in space, Colorado’s Congressional Delegation Hopes To Urge Pres. Joe Biden To Stop Move Of Space Command, Spacewalk to upgrade science gear on ESA's Columbus lab module, Two private investors, Larry Connor and Mark Pathy paid $55M each to will fly on Axiom Space AX-1 mission, The increasing complexity of space missions, the emergence of large constellations of satellites and the increased risks of collision all affect the long-term sustainability of space activities, The NG-14 Cygnus cargo spacecraft mission has ended after being released from the ISS, Satellite fires up iodine-fueled ion thruster for the first time, SpaceX hoping for a flight of their Starship SN9 on Thursday after numerous cancellations of road and beach closures, A Japanese sex toy company is putting a rocket into space. Possibly 2 missions scheduled, NASA and Boeing are targeting no earlier than 25 March 2021, for the launch of Starliner’s second uncrewed flight test as part of the agency’s Commercial Crew Program, So, where did former NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine go after leaving NASA?, Preliminary investigation offers possible cause of Arecibo Observatory telescope collapse, For a time NASA produced, The Space Story, audio news & information segments for radio stations to broadcast. Each story was approx 4 minutes in length. Timeframe was 1960's-1990's. Tapes, records, or cassettes were sent to stations each month, The World Space Report and The Space Report were two venues that attempted a go at NASA and space news too, SpaceX launched and placed into orbit 143 satellites via the Transporter1 rideshare mission, NASA’s Deep Space Network Welcomes a New Dish to the Family, Boeing Space displays how new ISS solar panels will look and act when placed on existing International  Space Station panels, Russian engineers work to extend life of the International Space Station, A powerful microscope is being set to the International Space Station ISS to help cosmonauts locate the hard to find airleak locations now hampering their mission, An Apollo 17 moon rock in the oval office, Hoping to stack the deck, a reminder that we'd like to go back to the moon, Mr. President.

#129 >>>  Audio  for 20 Jan 2021  Length - 35min (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX launches another group of Starlink satellites, SpaceX shared video story of how Starlink provide service where none was available, Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin, Rocket Lab has another successful launch, Another Space Blab comic, Nice capture of the ISS, China successfully conducted the year's first space launch sending the Tiantong 1-03 mobile telecommunication satellite, FAA approved application for Space Florida to expand the capabilities of the SLF to allow commercial space operators to horizontally land reentry vehicles, SpaceX acquires former oil rigs to serve as floating Starship spaceports, Hydraulic system limit violation stopped full NASA SLS Hot Fire Test, China selected 10 possible names for their first Mars rover, Caught in the act faked rocket photo Phantom Space Inc, Boeing says it corrected Starliner software, If you want a Change-5 lunar sample there's a procedure and forms for that, Virgin Orbit successful with Launcher One and Cosmic Girl for Launch Demo 2, Payload satellites heard once in orbit, Policy memo concerning dependence on Global Positioning System GPS, Multiple states demand Space Command investigation, Mars Perseverance has ears to hear and you can too, Update on the air leak(s) issue aboard the ISS, Boeing Starliner factory installed and tested a new cover design, BluShift Aerospace scrubbed today's maiden launch of their Stardust 1.0 rocket due to weather, Interview with CEO of BluShift Aerospace.

#128 >>>  Audio  for 13 Jan 2021  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<
A TREASURE trove of CIA files about UFO sightings across the globe has been published online, Rolls-Royce and UK Space Agency pursue nuclear-powered space exploration, Curiosity rover reaches its 3,000th day on Mars, Jupiter Mission by China Could Include Callisto Landing, SpaceX Starship SN9 experienced another ABORT for a live fire test of its engines but I got to see the SpaceX drones flying around the Starship, NASA and Government of Japan Formalize Gateway Partnership for Artemis Program, Blue Origin NewShepard mission NS-14 is targeting liftoff for Jan. 14, Eastern Range 45th Space Wing could see up to 53 launches in 2021, Russia may fine citizens who use SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service, Juno spacecraft discovers FM radio signal coming from Jupiter moon, The SpaceX Crew Dragon has undocked and departed from the ISS, In 1946 a UHF radio signal was bounced off the moon and back to earth for the first time by humans called Project Diana, NASA SLS Hot Fire Test scheduled for 16 Jan, A new set of Boeing-built solar arrays will help power the ISS, Two contractors to each build four satellites to detect and track ballistic and hypersonic missiles, NASA's Europa Clipper has been liberated from the Space Launch System, Arianespace seeks greater support from European governments to balance support concerning American competitors, Japan experimental satellite program to launch 15 sats in 2021, UK based launch provider getting closer to reality Skyrora_Ltd performing static testing, Airbus signs two OneSat satellites contract with Intelsat, China's space station to be built with 11 scheduled missions, There were other ideas for space stations and hotels, even before the proposed choice, AXSTATION What happened to them, AXSTATION to take the place of the International Space Station ISS, NASA and FAA Partnership Bolsters American Commercial Space Activities (Much needed in ever growing commercial efforts for future of space), Thales Alenia Space given €296 million contract to build European Gateway module, Netflix reveals 1st teaser for 'Space Sweepers,' a South Korean sci-fi film about space junk salvage, SpaceX to be allowed 10 Starlink satellites to be launched into polar orbit. Broader modification to license was deferred, Future astronauts could use methane to make rocket fuel on Mars, On 7 Jan 2020 China launched a Long March 3B rocket with Communication Technology Test Satellite 5, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket with the TurkSat 5A, The Cygnus cargo ship left the International Space Station and is now set to test 5G tech and spark fires in orbit.

#127 >>>  Audio  for 06 Jan 2021  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<
Cygnus spacecraft undocked from International Space Station ISS. It will remain in orbit until late January to perform experiments while orbiting the earth, SpaceX Starship SN9 proceeding with a static fire possibly today. Next flight may be on Saturday, India outlines plans for reusable launchers, Nice pass of the ISS over Fort Collins Colorado this morning, China's space launches for 2021 total more than 40 planned, Some upcoming ISS Spacewalks in the near future, Congress asks for report on Arecibo radio telescope collapse, A New NASA Space Telescope, SPHEREx Is moving ahead, NASA Space Launch System Proceeding with Green Run Hot Fire, Almost a Rocket Record!, Virgin Orbit Launch Demo 2 window opens 10 January, Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser engineering model back up for auction, Lockheed Martin $4.9B satellite contract, Hayabusa2 future asteroid flyby in 2026, China's huge FAST telescope will open to scientists globally in April, First space launch of the year. First launch of year will be SpaceX to launch a Falcon9 with the Turksat5A satellite, The Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, The Thai government has announced that it is to send a spacecraft to the moon within 8 years, Inmarsat, another company entering the satellite 5G realm.

#126 >>>  Audio  for 30 Dec 2020  Length - 29min (mp3 file)  <<<
 SpaceX Starship SN9 undergoes a Cryo test, LIVE Feeds of SpaceX Starship work and test and launches. Is this Trade Secret theft?, I actually supported SpaceX during my career, Full moon last night and my one moon four star shot, Boeing 737 MAX (American Flight 718 was fist flight) resumes commercial flights, Audio of radio conversation of American Airlines 718 as they land in NY, Arianspace launches Soyuz VS25 with French surveillance spacecraft as the payload, Japan to develop satellites made of wood, Monkeynauts in space and what the Mercury 7 astronauts thought of them. Abel Baker and Ham, Buzz Aldrin gives congratulations to SpaceX for a groundbreaking year, My new Buzz and Neil print, Viasat petitioned FCC to perform an environmental review of SpaceX Starlink broadband constellation, A 1 km radio telescope inside a crater on the far side of the Moon, the largest radio telescope in the Solar System, SpaceX Starlink Prototype Ground Station exposed, Tracking information released by the US military indicates two government payloads rode a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket into orbit Dec. 19 on the NROL-108 mission, Info about the ISS air leak as reported last week was incorrect. The leak is still ongoing, A 4G network on the Moon is bad news for radio astronomy, China launches Long March 4C rocket with 2 satellites, Equatorial successfully launches demonstration rocket, China's TianWen-1 Mars spacecraft Feb 10 2021 insertion burn info, Chinese space station first piece schedule to be launched, Hayabusa2 asteroid Ryugu material return mission update.
Wanna take a ride - Did paranormal radio talk show host Art Bell finally take that ride... on an asteroid?, Small satellite launch company Firefly Aerospace announces Launch Service Agreement with ALS.

#125 >>>  Audio  for 23 Dec 2020  Length - 27min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Chang'e-5 lands with lunar samples as success for China, Over 66,000 views of my Chang'e-5 video on Youtube, Fake videos and photos of Chang'e-5 re-entry, NASA and ESA plan for a Mars sample return mission, Did you see The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Axiom Space picks Houston to build the first commercial space station, Air leak at the International Space Station ISS is found and sealed, SpaceX Starship SN9 gets moved and place on launch pad, JAXA lunar cruiser, China is steppin up their space game with Chang'e-6 Chang'e-7 Chang'e-8 and others, Kennedy Space Center expands with Launch Complex 48, China debuted new Long March-8 Chang Zheng-8 reusable rocket, A Canadian will join 3 NASA astronauts on first piloted Orion flight, SLS Team Completes Propellant Loading of Core Stage During Green Run Test, Lockheed Martin to acquire rocket engine manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne, Happy Birthday Space Force, Air Force Col. transfers to Space Force aboard the ISS, Soyuz launch of OneWeb 36 satellites, SpaceX launch of NRO NROL 108 mission, NASA awards Jeff Bezos Blue Origin and its 301-foot tall New Glenn rocket contract for future space missions starting in 2025

#124 >>>  Audio  for 16 Dec 2020  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<
 CChang'e-5 returns to earth with lunar samples, Hayabusa2 asteroid samples from Ryugu found in chamber and photos shared with public, Astra successful send a test flight into space past the Karman line and almost into orbit, Rocket Lab Electron launcher put first of 30 earth observation satelllites into orbit, Roscosmos announced a successful launch of new Heavy Angara A-5 rocket, SpaceX put a new SIRIUSXM satellite in orbit, Why I stopped my subscription with SIRIUSXM, Geminid meteor shower and how I watched it, Virgin Galactic attempts test launch of SpaceShipTwo Unity but all does not go as planned, ULA launched NROL-44 mission, NETFLIX Challenger The Final Flight Documentary, Nine men and nine women selected as next astronauts for upcoming Artemis missions, Boeing announces Starliner Orbital Flight Test-2, SpaceX Starship takes off and lands in test flight but landing is more of a crash landing.

#123 >>>  Audio  for 09 Dec 2020  Length - 20min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Camera setting for space shots, SpaceX Starship to take a 40,000 foot test flight, Israel making a 2nd attempt to land on moon, China's Chang'e-5 lunar sample return mission one step closer to a return to earth, Radio signals from Chang'e-5, China launches optic imaging satellite, Renaming Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral AFS, General Chuck Yeager passed away, Hayabusa2 return capsule returns to earth with samples from asteroid Ryugu, Hayabusa2 press conference, Former space security chief reveals that aliens from Galactic Federation have been in contact with US and Israel, Another SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule docks with ISS, SpaceX Starlink satellite trains cause a stir on the news.

#122 >>>  Audio  for 02 Dec 2020  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<
 China's Chang'e-5 lands on the moon and begins mission to gather lunar samples, Arecibo Observatory sustains further damage with suspended platform collapsing, Waiting for SpaceX Starship to do test flight, Hayabusa2 only 4 days away from landing back on Earth with asteroid Ryugu samples, Arianspace launches a Soyuz with Falcon Eye 2 satellite, First ever space mission to clean orbital junk will use a giant claw, Component failure in NASA's deep-space crew capsule could take months to fix, Full Beaver Moon and penumbral eclipse.

#121 >>>  Audio  for 25 Nov 2020  Length - 26min (mp3 file)  <<<
 NASA hopes to continue launching astronauts on Soyuz as a ride share effort on Crew Dragon and Starliner, Outer-space is not pitch black, Mars rover on way to Mars sends back audio via its microphones, NASA funded project uses space photos for underwater volcano study, Space Force to remain lean agile fast, Asteroid sample return mission 11 days from earth, Arecibo Observatory to be demolished after damage is found to be extensive, Space Command HQ in one of six states, Rocketlab launches Electron mission and booster returns to earth for possible reuse, Proposed Mars City is obscene, Density+ asteroid mission, SpaceX launched climate change satellite from California, Rover to land on Mars moon starts landing tests, Weird object lands on tribal property, SpaceX and Amazon battle for space in space, China launches a moon rock sample return mission, Moon city like a temple.

#120 >>>  Audio  for 18 Nov 2020  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Four Astronaunts of Crew 1 launch to the ISS via SpaceX Crew Dragon Resilience and all went well, TV series Space Force Season 2 is a GO, Planet watching and more, Vega Rocket launch failure with two satellite payloads being lost - cables improperly connected is said to be a reason, NASA Mars Rover sends back another cool selfie picture, Memorial Spaceflight - cremated remains going to the moon in 2021, China Rover sends back stunning photos of moon dark side, Buzz Aldrin shares more moon photos, Boeing 737 Max gets FAA approval to fly again.

#119 >>>  Audio  for 11 Nov 2020  Length - 21min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Veterans Day 2020, Colorado Astronomy Net, Second Cable Fails at Arecibo, Causing Even More Damage to Famed SETI Dish, Ispace : The Japanese space industry company ispace has chosen Colorado as the location for its first U.S. headquarters, Newest Mars rover is half way to Mars, On 14 Nov four Astronauts will launch to the ISS on a SpaceX Crew Dragon, Rare NASA photos up for auction, including the only photograph of Neil Armstrong on the moon, Jim Bridenstine will step aside as NASA chief when President-elect Biden takes over, The International Space Station: 20 Years of Communications Excellence, SpaceX explains why the US Space Force is paying $316 million for a single launch, Planned satellite constellation poses a collision threat, NASA says, SpaceX gets $29 million Space Force contract for surveillance of non-military launches, The International Space Station can't last forever. Here's how it will eventually die by fire, President-elect Biden names 8-person NASA transition team.

2019  & 2018 Space Gab Podcast Subjects

#118 >>>  Audio  for 22 Dec 2019  Length - 55min (mp3 file)  <<<
 The Boeing Starliner has landed at White Sands New Mexico, and it now has a name. Plus... the full audio of the Post Landing News Conference.
#117 >>>  Audio  for 21 Dec 2019  Length - 59min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Update on the Boeing Starliner mission, to include another news conference via telephone that was hosted by NASA.
#116 >>>  Audio  for 20 Dec 2019  Length - 52min (mp3 file)  <<<
 The Boeing Starliner space capsule failed to reach a proper orbit to be able to dock with the ISS on it's un-crewed test flight this morning. Here is the ENTIRE AUDIO of today's NASA press conference explaning what they know now, followed by a question and answer period.
#115 >>>  Audio  for 18 Dec 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Astronaut Anne McClain gets a puppy - maybe she should have gotten a goldfish instead, Boeing Starliner preparing for test flight to ISS, Soyuz rocket launches 5 satellites, SpaceX launch of Boeing built satellite, China launches two navagation satellites, Article about TTSA information not what it seems - they are still being very hush hush about much, North Korea still testing more rocket engines, China's Farside Moon rover breaks record, Why is this space related movie rated only 2-1/2 stars???
#114 >>>  Audio  for 10 Dec 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<
 New Shepard launch with postcards, SpaceX Starlink satellites to have less reflective coating, citizen scientists help test space suit, China launch providers and impact, Cool view of Ariane 5 launch, 1000 year space mission to save human race, Ghostbusters AfterLife movie, North Korea launches and rocket tests, Two cargo spacecraft arrive at ISS one day apart, TTSA AATIP UFO program claims meet more push back from government, COSMOS movie update.
#113 >>>  Audio  for 04 Dec 2019  Length - 16min (mp3 file)  <<<
 SpaceX Falcon 9 Cargo Dragon launch scrub, 2nd stage experiment after launch, asteroid strike to wipe out all of us, Boeing Starliner commercial crew spaceship on Atlas-V rocket with access arm extended, India's Vikram lunar lander crash site has been found by someone very interesting, very good article about the Space Force, ESA signs on for asteroid smashing effort, my childhood telescope once again looks at the moon.
#112 >>>  Audio  for 20 Nov 2019  Length - 17min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Major milestone for the ISS, China performs re-launch capabilities, SpaceX news on using Starship for robotic technology launches to lunar surface, 5 additional companies selected for scientific payload launches to moon, Space alien research to become a college class (PSETI), Sunrise/Sunset photos, Colorado Astronomy Net update, HappyWax TV movie review of COSMOS 2019.
#111 >>>  Audio  for 13 Nov 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
 The COSMOS Movie 2019 is now in theaters and On-Demand, numerous rocket launches in China this week, upcoming spacewalk outside the ISS this week, Op-Ed about the first all female spacewalk, goodbye photos of an asteroid after mission complete, the snowman asteroid gets a new name, many photos and videos of the SpaceX Starlink satellites as they cross the sky, Boeing suggests a new way to land on moon, cool photos of Colorado mountains from the ISS, Hidden Figures Gold Medal Act, fireball photos fill the news.
#110 >>>  Audio  for 01 Nov 2019  Length - 27min (mp3 file)  <<<
 COSMOS Movie coming out this month, Space Force radio show.
#109 >>>  Audio  for 16 Oct 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Is a Moon Landing in 2024 funded?, A flying saucer from China, First all female spacewalk update, A new spacesuit unveiled for Moon program, A space elevator to the moon, Was life found on Mars in the 1970's?, Sarah Scoles writes about astronaut diary's and her new UFO book, COSMOS movie has a U.S. premiere in Beverly Hills, COSMOS on-demand on-line locations, Stanton Friedman's UFO research documents to be looked at, UK moon rover heading to lunar surface.
#108 >>>  Audio  for 09 Oct 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Launches in the news, Satellite that will fuel other satellites, NASA to buy more seats on Soyuz spacecraft to ISS, This Week At NASA audio news, All female ISS spacewalk to happen, NASA Astronaut Anne McClain and spouse Summer Worden back in the news, This is how we are going to the moon NASA promo,  Why are we going back to the moon... to put a women there ... and who or what after that???
#107 >>>  Audio  for 02 Oct 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Sounds on Mars via NASA InSight mission, NASA scientist says we are close to making an announcement about life on Mars, COSMOS Movie less than 40 days away from showings in U.S., Space Force everything you want to know, Space Force series adds more characters, Moon lander proposals, China's new spacecraft to take astronauts to the moon, Pegasus rocket launch, Starliner only reusable, SpaceX and NASA see it differently when it comes to crew craft, ICBM launch photo, N. Korea fired another projectile, 3 ISS crew members to return to earth tonight, Starliner pad abort test, SpaceX Mars StarShip gets a new webpage.
#106 >>>  Audio  for 25 Sep 2019  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Two spacecraft on way to ISS, China Sat launch, A major FAIL called Storm Area 51 or Alien Stock or whatever, I bought 'The Quickening' book by Art Bell at the Goodwill, The death of Art Bell on Friday the 13th - a friend of Bell, Heather Wade says it was a suicide and she saw the letter he wrote, What Art Bell's friend Karen Jackson says about Art Bell death on Friday the 13th.
LINK to additional audio of Heather Wade talking about Art Bell suicide
#106SE >>> (ONLY Art Bell story) for 25 Sep 2019  Length - 17min (mp3 file)  <<<
#105 >>>  Audio  for 18 Sep 2019  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<
 COSMOS Movie Q&A session and movie release in Los Angeles and more, Navy says UFO videos are real, LRO looks for the India Vikram Lunar Lander, My NOAA19 graphics of Tropical Depression over Texas, Storming Area 51 Alien Stock event update, AREA 51 book talk, Lunar space elevator, Brad Pitt talks to an ISS astronaut, Project Artemis lander in trouble?, Crew Dragon test update, more space stories in the media and space related books in stores.
LINK to COSMOS Facebook page with Q&A video mentioned in podcast
#104 >>>  Audio  for 11 Sep 2019  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<
 India Vikram Lunar Lander might have made it to lunar surface okay, Many think Vikram lander and rover are not okay, There is a deadline for contact to be made with lander due to lunar night cold temps, HTV cargo ship to ISS delayed due to fire at launch pad, HAARP gets new antenna to receive signals from Jupiter, Navy says UFO videos were not to be released, Flat Earthers see the images, Asteroid blast was big, Alien visits long ago, US Space Command re-established, People of UFOlogy should not be trusted.
#103 >>>  Audio  for 04 Sep 2019  Length - 21min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Art Bell secret message to decode in late 1990's, Increased allied roles in space says Space Command, What US Space Command means for Colorado, Space Weather research importance, What will we call members of the Space Force?, Funding for space org, What happens if you commit a crime in space?, Fast Radio Bursts update, India lunar lander getting closer to the moon - it lands on 6 Sep, China satellite launch, ESA and SpaceX satellite collision discussion, Spy sat picture on Twitter discussion, Sat photos of Hurricane Dorian , NASA helps SpaceX scout for good Mars landing sites.
#102 >>>  Audio  for 30 Aug 2019  Length - 05min (mp3 file)  <<<
 An update with additional information about NASA Astronaut Anne McClain. Summer Worden told Inside Edition that NASA Astronaut Anne McClain actually stalked her online while she was on the International Space Station for more than six months this year. “She would send me threatening or demeaning e-mails but I did not respond to those,” Worden said.... & more!
#101 >>>  Audio  for 28 Aug 2019  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<
 SpaceX Starhopper 500 foot test flight, SpaceX Dragon supply cargo spacecraft leaves the ISS with items returning to earth, Soyuz spacecraft docking undocking and docking again, India lunar lander less than 2 weeks away from moon landing, Space Tugs in the news, Arecibo observatory to look for asteroids, X-37B space plane and alien conspiracy theory, Is NASA astronaut Anne McClain fit to be an astronaut after information that has been in the news lately, McClain and spouse Summer Worden are in a legal battle?, Did NASA astronaut Anne McClain commit a crime on the ISS?
EXTRA : Summer Worden, the lesbian spouse of female NASA Astronaut Anne McClain tells why she went public about McClain's actions, both the crime she is being accused while aboard the ISS space station, and the bitter breakup the couple is going through. Worden's mother also talks about what is going on.  LINK to Good Morning America  interview >    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJLbVaTF4nk
#100 >>>  Audio  for 21 Aug 2019  Length - 21min (mp3 file)  <<<
 ISS spacewalk, VP Mike Pence at 6th National Space Council (Long term Moon missions, multi month living on south pole of Moon, Lunar Gateway, Moon to Mars Mission, Human space exploration, Space Force, US Space Command & more), SLS launch timeframe, India moon lander orbiting moon, Comet watching, some UFO news, China comm Sat suffers problem after launch, Alienstock (Area 51 event), & more.
#99 >>>  Audio  for 14 Aug 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Hubble can't see it all, Robotic Space Probe estimates higher than expected, EXO-Mars mission in question due to test failure, Very old space dust in the snow, James Webb telescope info, Hubble sees spots & more, 8 NEW radio signals heard from deep space, Largest impact crater in US studied, Storm Area 51 event is now a new venture.
#98 >>>  Audio  for 07 Aug 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<
 SpaceX Falcon 9 with AMOS 17 satellite, Proton rocket puts satellite in orbit, ULA ATLAS V launch, Space travel may fry your brain, There's life on the Moon!, Facebook pulls Storm Area 51 pages, Cygnus craft to release Sats, & more.
#97 >>>  Audio  for 31 July 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Launch of Progress MS-12 cargo spacecraft to ISS, What is telemetry used for?, Satellite CAS-7B where are you?, Everything we know about the secret X-37B space plane, Humans will never colonize Mars, and more news.
#96 >>>  Audio  for 24 July 2019  Length - 33min (mp3 file)  <<<
 SpaceX launching to ISS again, Percentage low for support to Mars and Moon, More about COSMOS Movie, Rosemary Ellen Guiley dies, More Space News , (Starts @15:45min) Update about The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade.
#95 >>>  Audio  for 17 July 2019  Length - 35min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Space Gab --- The Premiere of the COSMOS Movie, Apollo 11 50th celebration, Moon landing Tweets , Wade Gab --- The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade talk, Feeding Frenzy on forums and podcasts plus more!
#94 >>>  Audio  for 09 July 2019  Length - 27min (mp3 file)  <<<
 History Channel show UNIDENTIFIED--- I call foul!, Wade Gab --- I talk about the stream test and show of The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade.
#93 >>>  Audio  for 04 July 2019  Length - 12min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Happy 4th of July message from the International Space Station, ENTRYSat cubesat gets released from ISS, Space News of the week.
#92 >>>  Audio  for 27 June 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<
 AMSAT satellite OSCAR 11 transmitting ALIEN SIGNALS?, Space Fence signals raise questions, Beth Chapman dies, SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Gimbal UFO glow not what they thought, UNIDENTIFIED Show questions still.
#91 >>>  Audio  for 20 June 2019  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<
 ESA project COMET INTERCEPTOR, CubeSats from the ISS, The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade returning, HAARP no open house, UFO show UNIDENTIFIED update, More UFO briefings given, The Moon by 2024.
#90 >>>  Audio  for 13 June 2019  Length - 24min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Aerocibo Observatory is transmitting again, Art Bell selected replacement Heather Wade returning to her radio show, New Travel Channel show Alien Highway, History Channel show Unidentified update.
#89 >>>  Audio  for 05 June 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Update on Air Force Thunderbird 3 bird strike, History Channel UFO show UNIDENTIFIED episode 1 update,  Articles that call into question truth of those involved in UNIDENTIFIED UFO Show.
#88 >>>  Audio  second edition for 30 May 2019  Length - 9min (mp3 file)  <<<
 Air Force Thunderbird 3 lands after AFA flyover, and I wondered why!!!  (NOTE : After podcast found out it was a bird strike that hit Thunderbird 3 canopy)
#87 >>>  Audio  for 30 May 2019  Length - 10min (mp3 file)  <<<
Aircraft radio monitoring, SpaceX Starlink satellites in orbit, Air Force One arrives in Colorado Springs - Radio traffic of that arrival, President Trump talks about Space Force at AFA.
#86 >>>  Audio  for 23 May 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
The sharing of a radio interview I did with the late Jerry Pippin while we were at the 2009 Roswell UFO Festival. He mentions Stanton Friedman a number of times too.
#85 >>>  Audio  for 15 May 2019  Length - 7min (mp3 file)  <<<
UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, dead at 84 - Friedman wanted to write another book (60 years of Ufology) - Hear April 2019 Stanton Friedman interview excerpt, COSMOS The Movie goes to Cannes Film Festival!
#84 >>>  Audio  for 09 May 2019  Length - 12min (mp3 file)  <<<
New York is gone thanks to an asteroid impact (but it was an exercise)... Summary of that exercise, Meteor Crater Radio, Western Tanager birds in my yard!
#83 >>>  Audio  for 02 May 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<
An asteroid impact of Earth exercise is happening, and Denver is the impact location on their map, Blue Origin launches another of their New Shepard spacecraft and it was a success!
#82 >>>  Audio  for 18 Apr 2019  Length - 11min (mp3 file)  <<<
Update on Israel's lunar lander issue, Cygnus and ThinSat payload launched to the ISS, Just what is a THINSAT?
#81 >>>  Audio  for 11 Apr 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<
Falcon Heavy Launch, Private Moon Landing (BREAKING NEWS audio added as lunar landing spacecraft failed), Photo of Black Hole, is it real?
#80 >>>  Audio  for 04 Apr 2019  Length - 10min (mp3 file)  <<<
More on the HAARP RF campaign transmissons...
#79 >>>  Audio  for 28 Mar 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
The latest HAARP RF campaign is all about ART... Transmisson Art and it's called Ghosts in the Air Glow, numerous space related articles 
#78 >>>  Audio  for 21 Mar 2019  Length - 9min (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX Starhopper first static test fire, Spaceship versus aircraft for fast travel, Two spacewalks in one week, New Horizons goes into data mode, & more
#77 >>>  Audio  for 14 Mar 2019  Length - 20min (mp3 file)  <<<
Soyuz MS12 launches to ISS, Boeing 737 MAX series of aircraft problems, My article about previous 737 problems, Moon Rocks, Mar 25 - 28 HAARP RF campaign, & more
#76 >>>  Audio  for 07 Mar 2019  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<
A Special Interview with Elliot Weaver and Zander Weaver of Elliander Pictures ... The creators of the 2019 Sci-Fi movie COSMOS
#75 >>>  Audio  for 28 Feb 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<
Sci-Fi movie COSMOS update, AREA 51 novel update, The Hynek UFO Report book, The Roswell Legacy book, Capt Quinn figurine at Goodwill, Space headlines on my Twitter feed.
#74 >>>  Audio  for 21 Feb 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
The 2019 Sci-Fi movie COSMOS... I got to preview the entire movie, (COSMOS on IMDB ), Space Headlines on my Twitter feed, AREA 51 novel, Space Force versus Space Command, A trip down memory lane.
#73 >>>  Audio  for 14 Feb 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
Mars Rover Opportunity declared DEAD, Actual audio from Mars Rover Opportunity from the surface of Mars (Link to full audio file), History Channel Project Blue Book Series Episode 6, Space Dealers TV show on Netflix.
#72 >>>  Audio  for 07 Feb 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
The new Space Dealers TV show on Netflix , The recent Meteor over Cuba and its meteorites, History Channel Project Blue Book Series Episode 5, Numbers Stations.
#71 >>>  Audio  for 29 Jan 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<
The SciFi Movie COSMOS ( Review and Trailer), My Meteorites, History Channel Project Blue Book Series, My Ultima Thule space object Replica.

#70 >>>  Audio  for 21 Mar 2018  Length - 17min (mp3 file)  <<<
ULA Valcon rocket to compete with SpaceX Falcon, New crew on the way to ISS, Tiangong-1 predictions, Humanity Star coming to earth, New Swarm SpaceBee article, Swarm Technologies SpaceBee satellites - SpaceBee Frequencies - SpaceBee Ground Station locations - and more.
#69 >>>  Audio  for 13 Mar 2018  Length - 31min (mp3 file)  <<<
SpaceX rocket launches boring?, Astronauts DNA changed while in space, Tiangong-1 update, Flat Earthers caused by education system, Swarm Technologies SpaceBee satellite update, Send your name to the Sun, Does Trump understand NASA?, Russia and China partnership for Space Station?, NUKE that Asteroid, To The Stars Academy UFO video scam?
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Soyuz Return, Name the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) and send your message to Mercury onboard MMO!, Vodafone, Nokia to Deploy 4G Network on the Moon, Audi lunar quattro rovers, Deep Space Gateway – NOW CALLED Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway, China’s Tiangong-1 space station could come crashing down to Earth before the end of March, Tesla Rover update, Atlas 5 GOES-S launch, SpaceX launched a record-sized satellite on its 50th Falcon 9, Flat Earthers having a conference?, The InSight spacecraft, A small asteroid passed, -    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity just drilled, China to recruit civilian astronauts, -    NASA Historian Says Estimated Amount Of Trash On Moon Sounds Accurate, Space Tesla May Contaminate Mars, Scientist says he'll 'prove NASA cover-up over ALIEN LIFE on Mars' with bombshell report, AMSAT Satellites, what is correct way to work?, APOLLO MOON SAMPLE SEALED FOR 45 YEARS SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED SOON, Space Symposium interviews.

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Space Gab is back! This episode is a HOW TO... Watching Space Stuff, Cheaply.