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The Adventures of Scanner Dweeb by M.A. Coletta

Adventures of Scanner Dweeb was published in Popular Communications Magazine from 2000-2006​​

You can view Popular Communications magazine in pdf format HERE to see the Scanner Dweeb comics. Or view the comics where I archived them (HERE).

The Adventures of Scanner Dweeb (Copyright 1999 - 2021, Mike Coletta)


Screen shots from my Nov 2007 Youtube video showing the very first 12-470 Shack Hack as I accomplished it

In November 2007 I, Mike Coletta - UFO Geek, devised a hack for a Radio Shack model 12-470 radio (Shack Hack), making it a Ghost Box. There may be others in the Ghost Box world who make this claim too, BUT... all publications, message boards, books, websites, podcasts, radio shows, videos, etc., confirm it was my 12-470 hack that was the first completed with success, displayed for others to build, and shared throughout the world. Even Frank Sumption, originator of the original Ghost Box, referred to my old website for the 12-470 hack (graphic below).

Sharing my information was a way for everyone to have such a paranormal investigation tool of this kind. Before this (12-469 & 12-470) only the Frank's Box and similar were available, for very few to use. Now, this opened the door for a worldwide effort for people to investigate the paranormal on their own, using the Shack Hack radios.

- *** I then produced the very first videos on Youtube (UFO Geek) showing the DIY hacks of both the 12-469 & 12-470 (Shack Hacks). These videos went viral, and thousands of Hack Shacks were made by people all around the world. Radio Shack soon began to run out of these radios, as people bought them to make these paranormal devices.

NOTE 1: By doing this I enabled thousands, maybe tens of thousands to get deeper into the paranormal.

NOTE 2: After these 12-469, 12-470 radios eventually became almost impossible to find, companies began producing similar type devices, already modified for paranormal investigation. These devices are still sold today, under various names.

NOTE 3: After the 12-469 & 12-470 Shack Hack, others found different ways to modify other off the shelf model radios to perform like a Shack Hack.

Steve Hultay of Keyport Paranormal talks about the origin of the Shack Hacks. At (21:50 of the mp3 file) Steve confirms that I was the researcher who created the 12-470 Shack Hack. Thank you Steve! Here is a LINK to that podcast by Steve Hultay.  >>> Audio Link <<<

12-470 Shack Hack #1

Frank Sumption mentions my old website for 12-470 Shack Hack

The Radio Shack Hack

Origin list from Steve Hultay Keyport Paranormal website