A Past Gone Away

A major corporation contacted me in years past and said, if you don't take your information related to our products off your websites and videos, associating us with your evil paranormal creations, we will sue you.
I asked, what evil are you talking about?
And then I asked, why they thought they were always selling out of those specific products; and if they'd like to share the profits, with me being the reason people were buying them.
They never contacted me again.

Those evil creations they called it, later provided me with opportunities to be on network and cable television shows, do presentations at conferences, have mentions and chapters about me in books and other periodicals, be interviewed on radio and TV stations, podcasts, and more.
I even had a popular paranormal TV show team contact me, wanting to use some of my uniquely designed equipment, since very little was then available.
And the Stanley Hotel in Colorado contacted me to invite me to stay for free and test my equipment there, for my videos.
How could that be evil, are they kidding?

I've reached thousands of people throughout the world with what I've done, many are performing exactly how I showed them... making my devices that they called evil. I have touched many people, how could that hurt?

I thought I was on cloud 9 ... when I was actually on cloud 666.

It wasn't until 2015 that I saw the Light because of the darkness I was then in. I now saw how it hurt, and how it was evil, and how I was called evil. I saw how I led so many astray.
And I then acted... and in 2016 I was SAVED and baptized.

So, why can you still find the things I've done on the web? Number one, you can never really erase the web. There are ways to find what you think you can't. 
But more importantly, because, although I'm now ashamed of what I did, I want others to see how I've changed, and where I came from as part of my testimony.

 So, if they contact me thinking I still do what I did, I can tell them no I don't, and share my testimony. And, it has happened!
 If I can help save just one of those thousands of people that I may have led astray..  that is good.

Sharing Rocky Mountain Vibes since 2008
Fellowship, drumming, and sharing God's Word.

​I play percussion at numerous type venues, ranging from Drum Circles to Church Worship Teams.

I found His light, and escaped the darkness

Shout with joy to the LORD, oh earth!

Worship the LORD with gladness.

Come before him, singing with joy.
Praise the Lord with song!

God is good!


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